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As an avid reader her entire life, Christi Snow always dreamed of writing books that brought to others the kind of joy she felt when she read. But…she never did anything about it besides jot down a few ideas and sparse scenes. 

When she turned 41, she decided it was time to go after her dream and started writing. Within four months, she’d written over 150,000 words and hasn't stopped since. 

She's found her calling by writing about sexy, alpha heroes and smart, tough heroines falling in love and finding their passion. She's truly living the dream and loving every minute of it. 

Her tagline is… Passion and adventure on the road to Happily Ever After. She's loving this adventure!

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  1. I was wondering about an update on the Foxtrot series? I cannot seem to find the second book and I kee checking. I cannot wait to read the other book

    1. Hi, Stacy. I'll be honest. That second book is written and I'm flat-out not happy with it. MF and I have discussed and decided to table the project for now. I'm sorry. Once I figure out a way to fix book #2 and be able to go on with #3 (because 2 ends in a cliffhanger), I may pick it back up. Thank you for your interest though... smiles!

  2. Love your work, I just finish found at the library and can't wait for book 2, please, please, please let us know when is coming out :)

    1. Hi, Ruth. I'm so happy that you liked that book. It's absolutely my favorite book I've ever written. Found at the Bookstore should be out around Oct/Nov timeframe...but it isn't written yet, so that's not set in stone yet. (But it's the goal.) smiles...