Link Up with Me!

I have another blog account where I do book reviews. 
(I read around 400 books a year on top of my writing.) 
Go check out Smitten with Reading.
I have a Facebook author page and that's where you'll find the latest about my writing woes and victories...and sometimes a bit of eye-candy too. 
Hey, a girl has to find her happy where she can!
Follow me on Twitter.
My instagram has a bit of everything, but it's usually focused on my reading and drinking. 
And speaking of happy things. I love Pinterest. I have boards for some of my books and then just general eye-candy and inspiration. Yes, there's man-candy too!
I am not a tech person, but have a Google+ account that I have no idea if I'm using right or not. 
Link up with me and tell me how to utilize it better. 
I did mention that I like to read, right? 
Check out what I'm reading and come connect with me!

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