Friday, December 30, 2016

2016 Recap and Looking forward to 2017

Going into 2016, I had big plans of releasing 9 books. 

Well, that didn't happen

Instead, I released 3 books:

3. Joshua

Yes, I agree...I totally failed you all in getting books out for this year, and I apologize for that. 

So what did happen in 2016?

I had two projects go WAY over the projected word equal 100,000 extra words I hadn't planned on for the year. That's equal to three months work. And that's most of the reason why I released so much less than planned

The other reason is that putting out books costs money in editing and covers. Right now, it's costing me WAY more to publish (in the US) than I'm making (although I can maybe see the end to that in the near future...I hope). But as a result, I can only pull so much money out of my household account to support my job. 
**eeks...that's REALLY not the way this is supposed to be working**

But the good news is that there are some really exciting things happening...that I really am not at liberty to talk about yet. Yikes, I know that it's a huge tease, but gah...seriously, you guys there are so many really fabulous things coming around the corner. 

The second half of this year has been crazy...but in the VERY BEST WAY!! I can't wait to share.

This was the year that my books got translated into French. OMG, you guys, this is such a huge thing for me. France! I love it so much. 
I completely slaughter the language (which is why I'm so thrilled to be part of Juno Publishing who handles all my translations), but in all the world, France is one of my all time favorite places. We got to visit there twice when we lived in England and those were absolutely some of my best memories ever...easily top 5 life remembrances. So, yeah, to see my books in French is HUGE to me.
And there are many more books to come with this fantastic publishing company. We just signed contracts for 6 more titles. Yippee!!

Finally, I'm truly finding a rhythm to my writing. I have several different writing "tribes" who help to keep me on track with my goals...each in a different way. But all of them are combining to take me to new heights with where I'm going...and believe me, I am going places in the near future.

And the best thing about that? There are so many truly incredible characters in my head, just waiting for you all to read about them. I can't wait for you all to meet them because they truly rock. OMG, the absolute best thing is falling in love with a new hero...and readers...I have some fantastic ones coming to you soon!

And now I want to get off here and go write...

So, even though 2016 doesn't look that impressive for new releases, it was really successful for writing new words. In 2016, I wrote 420,160 words. That's a heck of a lot of writing. 
Within those words was the completion of 8 books with several more begun.

A lot of those will be releasing in yay!!

So, that leads us to this...
What's coming from Christi Snow in 2017???

This is my tentative release schedule for the upcoming year...

Feb- Found at the Bookstore (Book #2 Found series...m/m)

April - Intertwined Hearts (Book #3 Snowcroft series...m/m/f)

May - Believe in the Wish (m/m standalone)

August - Snowcroft Restoration (Book #4 Snowcroft series...m/m- LAW's book!!!)

October - Smolder (novella #1 paranormal...m/m vampire anthology)

December - Shiver (novella #2 paranormal...m/m shifter)

The good news is that most of these books are already written, so releasing this tentative list isn't even that risky. I just have to get them edited and have my designer rock out some new covers for me.

Also, there are some seriously fun surprises that will probably be revealed throughout the year, hang on to your seats. I know this list looks bleak for my m/f readers, but there is stuff coming for you, too...I promise. 

To close, thank you so much for sticking with me this year. 
2017 is going to be bigger and better than ever. 

But all of it is because of you. 
I have the absolute best readers.

Thank you for a great year.
Let's hope next year is even better!!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Friday Five from Christi...

Let's be honest...I suck at the whole blogging thing.

we're on the cusp of a new year...
and I'm going to try to do better.

I'm going to try to do a post every Friday. 
And I need you all to hold me accountable. 
If I don't post it...bug me about it. 

I'll admit it. 
I need accountability. 

So...every Friday, I'll try to post a top 5 list.
Top 5 of what?
No idea...hehe.
Just probably my top 5 thoughts of the week. 
It sounds riveting, doesn't it?
No, seriously...I'll be talking books, maybe coffee, and just life in general.

(although, I can tell you right now that next week's post will NOT follow that format. It will all be about a recap of 2016...reading, writing, and what 2017 holds in store...)

But for this week, here's the Top 5 list of the week...

My oldest is 21 and it's been a long time since he's been home for more than 24 hours. He's about to go to Air Force boot camp, so right now we have him home for a couple of months. The 9 year old is over the moon. There's 12 years between them, but they're pretty much inseparable right now and it makes me happy every time I sit back and just watch them together.

So, sighs right here...


You all know I'm a reader. 
I have a book review blog and today I'm just going to share my post from there about this book. 

In next week's post, I'll share my top reads of the year, but for now, I'll share my top holiday read this year...
Title: Wrapped Together
Author: Annabeth Albert
My Rating: A+

Genre: Holiday Romance (m/m)
Series: Portland Heat #5
Main Characters: Hollis and  Sawyer
Release Date: December 2016
Publisher:  Lyrical Shine
Links to Purchase:
Sexual Intensity: hot
Story Overview:
In the bustling restaurants, shops, and caf├ęs of Portland, Oregon, things really heat up for the hard-working men behind the scenes when the holidays come into town . . .

For a stationery store owner, the holidays are great for business. But for Hollis Alcott, Christmas reminds him of the tragic events of three years past, and the last thing he wants to do is take part in Portland’s over-abundance of festive cheer. But Sawyer Murphy, a hunky gift shop owner whose brother is married to Hollis’s sister, has made it his mission to pluck Hollis out of his holiday blues. And his plan is beginning to work. Wrapped in the warm glow of newfound passion, the former business rivals hit up Portland’s finest holiday traditions—and Hollis’s icy attitude begins to melt like snowflakes on his tongue. But he isn’t sure he can trust anyone with the only gift he has—his heart—without breaking it like an antique ornament. Unless he can find the courage to take a leap with the one lover he never expected . . .

My Review:
I've loved this entire series, but hands down this has been my favorite book in the group. I loved getting to know Hollis and Sawyer and watching their story unfold.

The thing that made it so good was that they've known one another for a long time. They are both twins and grew up being pretty infamous for that. They were always thrown together, but have never had anything in common besides being gay. Sawyer is outgoing and gregarious and not. Hollis is actually pretty much a curmudgeon. He likes things a certain way and prefers his own's just easier that way. But Sawyer sees beyond that facade that Hollis puts up to everyone and has decided that this holiday season he's going to infuse Hollis with some holiday magic and cheer. Hollis is pretty sure that's impossible. So they place a bet...

This entire book is told from Hollis's point of view, and I kind of loved him. He owns a paper shop and is fanatical about his papers, planners, and pens. I loved that so much about him, and I'd really, really love to visit his store. I really enjoyed how opposite the guys are from one another, but they've been thrown together for so long, they pretty much know everything about one another. I loved how Hollis simply can't see this working out between them no matter how good it is now. He knows Sawyer. Sawyer gets enthusiastic about something, but then loses interest when he sees something else shiny. Hollis expects the next shiny thing to come along at any moment, leaving him heartbroken and he's trying so hard not to get attached. But Sawyer is pretty stubborn about making the two of them work. He's waited for this long enough. He's not going to let Hollis say no anymore.

It was all so, so good. I loved it...the romance, the sexy times (that had a touch of BDSM if you need warnings about those things...but it's VERY, very light), and all the paper shop porn (and that was not a real warning...there's no real porn happening here), but the pure adulation for the paper and ink goods hit all those happy office supply obsessive genes that I have (just me?...LOL, I know it's a sickness). But anyway, I digress. The whole tale was simply good. I loved the magical aspects of Christmas and watching Hollis find his way to happy during this holiday season. It hit ALL my happy buttons.

I definitely recommend it.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

What I'm writing on right now...

Right now, I'm kind of switching back and forth between two projects. 
ONE is Found at the Bookstore. Yes, this is Ryder and Stig's story. 
I foresee it coming out in February.

The other is a little paranormal/shifter m/m novella I plan to release next Christmas. (You all know I'm a sucker for holiday stories, right?) I always like to write one this time of the year. 

Here's a tiny sneak peek....

Yummy, right?
And yes, it's a male/male romance. A follow-up to a novella releasing in Sept/Oct...and then this one will release in Nov/Dec timeframe.

Once upon a time (before I became a writer), I was a professional papercrafter. I wrote articles for magazines and did work for craft companies (mainly stamp companies). Since I started spending all my time in front of my computer writing, my crafting had fallen by the wayside. Well, this past summer, I got the itch to create again and started playing with my planner. 

(Yes, I'm one of those girls...take me to an office supply store and you'll see me again when I'm significantly more broke.)

But I digress.

Now, my morning begins with me sitting at my crafting desk for one hour (and only one hour because any longer than that and the Little will be late to school). I spend that time decorating my planner page for the day (i.e. this is my version of adult coloring). 

Most weeks in my top 5, I'll share my favorite planner page from the last week. For this week, this is my favorite. 

BTW, you can see all my planner pages each day on my Instagram feed.

Happy holidays, everyone! 
I hope you are staying warm by the fire and someone as scrumptious of Santa up there keeping you warm as you read some great romance. 

I'll be back next week with 2016 recaps and news for 2017!!

Monday, December 19, 2016

These titles rarely go on sale...

These books rarely go on sale...

Do you like holiday stories?

They're my favorite. As a result, I have several of them in my backlist and for this week only, all of them are going on sale for only $.99!

(m/f romantic suspense)
It’s been six months…

Six months since Jake Madsen let Chris Robertson die.

Six months since the passion between Jake and Cassie, Chris’ sister, stepped over the line.

But now Cassie’s being stalked and it’s time for Jake to swallow his guilt, grief, and lust so he can save her life, even if it’s a life without him. He owes it to his dead friend and he owes it to Cassie. He’s fallen in love with her, but she doesn’t have to know that for him to keep her safe.
Universal Buy Link
(m/m contemporary romance)

All he wants for Christmas…
It’s time for Mark Cummins to come out of the closet. He’s ready, but he’s never been topped. Asking Madame Eve for the one-night stand of his fantasies, he hopes she can grant his Christmas wish.

He’s a less-than-merry gentleman…
Jason Wieland’s life partner died in a horrific hate crime two years before and he hasn’t taken a lover since. He knows it’s time, and he reaches out to the 1Night Stand dating service to find the right man to light up his holiday. But when masculine, sexy, and extremely straight Mark shows up, he doesn’t know what to do.

Is this 1Night Stand a cruel joke or has Madame Eve truly worked Christmas magic?
ARE Buy Link (lower price should be coming soon)
I know that this has been an off year for me for releases, but that means 2017 is going to be HUGE!!

Watch my website for information about what's coming soon from me and I'll also be doing a post about my top reads of 2016.

And I don't say it enough, but
to each and every one of you. Your support and love for my books makes my job one of the best things about my life.

I love you all and hope that the end of 2016 is fabulous for you. 
(m/m contemporary romance)

His entire life, Tommy Garrett has dealt with self-doubts. He thought he’d conquered the majority of them until a chance meeting with an author brought his illiteracy to the forefront...again. Growing up with un-diagnosed dyslexia has left Tommy barely able to read, but books are his Nirvana. Now he spends his life creating art dedicated to the love of those “untouchable” items.
Robert McIntyre, Mac, is a best-selling, highly celebrated author. But his point of view has become a little bit too narrow...until Tommy opens his eyes. That chance meeting has changed everything about his world. He has no idea how to find the beautiful man he met, and offended, at the library book sale. But when he does, Tommy’s life is in crisis-mode. It’s the holidays and Mac can’t just standby when Tommy needs help, whether Tommy wants it or not. 
Two artistic men. One shared passion for books.
Universal Buy Link
(m/f light romantic suspense)


December is the time for romance, twinkling lights, and roaring fires in the fireplace. It’s also time for the annual Holiday Fantasy Lingerie show. This year, the show has a masculine twist with the introduction of male models who were once soldiers.

Joshua Scott Brown has made quite a name for himself as a male fitness model since he got out of the Air Force. But nothing prepares him for the media circus that occurs after he catches one of the female lingerie models during the live show, preventing her from a ten foot fall. Now the lingerie company wants to turn that media coverage into holiday profit by pairing him up romantically with the model. Unfortunately, he only has eyes for Autumn Layne, the publicist who keeps pushing him into another woman’s arms.

The third in a new series of novellas inspired by Shauna Kruse’s photography and her beautiful male models.

The Male Model Chronicles.
Universal Buy Link