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Introducing the Locating Love Series...
(interconnected stand alone stories)

Amorous in Appleton
Releasing October 22

Story Description:
Delaney Matthews
To the world she has many labels...
Laney Starr.
Pop princess.
Drama Queen.
Most powerful woman in music.

In reality, she has one...

Micah Frederickson
Once upon a time, people knew his name, but now he’s just...
Small town guy.
Down to Earth.

Most importantly...

Delaney needed an escape. Instead she found Micah. A small town brought them together with a bit of soul mate magic.

But the world has claims on Laney and they won’t let her go.

Micah is going to have to fight for her if he wants to keep her, but is he willing to step into the spotlight again to do it?


Ticket to True Love is a new series about fresh beginnings, second chances, and finding true love in unexpected places. Visitors to True Springs are skeptical about the town’s legendary water leading them to love, but residents believe. Even they don’t realize, however, that the water is only part of the story...
Falling Hard in Frisco
Releasing January 28

Quickly Falling in Qatar
Releasing June 9

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