Friday, May 11, 2018

Friday Five...

Celebrating us girls!

About once a year, hubby has a few weeks where he's at work for days on end and Kat and I are on our own. That's what's been our lives for the last week and a few more weeks to come. (He shows up periodically to catch up on sleep and laundry, but otherwise, it's just the two of us...)

This year, this time also coincided with Kat's birthday (which is Tuesday), so we've turned our time into a series of GIRLS' DAYS.

Last weekend, that involved a pj & movie day where we did makeup and nails. 
(these are Kat's nails using nailwraps from Color Street- Jessica Lemmon consultant)

This weekend, we're headed out on a roadtrip where we will be shopping and eating all the things. We're having fun, which is needed. She's turning 11 this year and about to head into middle school and mean girls have become a reality in her life. *sigh*

I hate that, but feel like these special "girl days" help to ease the pain of all that just a tiny bit. 

Write Better Faster...

Hey, everyone. I mentioned this class last week in my Friday Five. It was phenomenal and it just opened up again for June registration. I HIGHLY recommend it!!

You can register for it... HERE.

A different unboxing...
Ever since I got into Travelers Notebooks, I've developed a huge love for leather goods. A few weeks ago, I was drooling over a leather company's site, Portland Leather Goods, and discovered they had Mystery Boxes at an amazing price. Since I'd never bought anything from them before and looking at their site, wanted it all, I figured I couldn't go wrong. 

I ordered the $99 box called the Big One that was supposed to have 9 items in it and I picked the Surprise Me option.

MINE HAD 11...OMG, and everything is GORGEOUS!!

I definitely recommend this box!!!

New Release info coming soon!!!
I got new covers this week for TWO upcoming releases.

So, information about all that will be coming SOON.
Gah, I have got to nail down when I'm going to release these. 
One of them is completely ready to go.

So, I just have to decide on a release date...and cover reveals...and marketing (which is the real hangup). I feel like I'm not marketing my books as well as I should, so I'm trying to figure out how to do that better. 

In the meantime, how about a tiny glimpse...or two...

Ooh, have you seen this trailer yet? 

For #MerMay, Kat has been all about the mermaids, so I'm already writing this release onto my August calendar. I'm thinking it sounds like a good excuse for a girls' day to me!!

And bonus for MerMay, Unity Stamp Company's kit of the month this month is all about the mermaid. I'm totally IN LOVE!!

You can sign up to buy it HERE.

Have a great weekend, everyone!
I'm gonna be playing with my girly.
Maybe I'll have photos of her birthday celebration next week...

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