Friday, May 4, 2018

Friday Five...

April was Camp NaNowWriMo...
And I WON!!

I'm a girl who does well with accountability, checklists (and I know this comes as no surprise to you that have been following me for a while here...hehe).

During Camp NaNo months, you can set any word count goal. I always set mine to 50k because if I can do it in November, then I can do it other months, too.

In April, I wrote 55,460 words.
For those keeping track, I finished the first draft of When Love Surprises.
I worked on edits in Guarded Desire.
And I wrote half of Sweet Disaster (that book is slightly behind...eeps).

More details coming soon on all those books, including blurbs, covers, ARC information, and release dates!!!

Cover designs are happening next week, so things are getting closer.

Let's talk paper...

And I know...this is not going to appeal to the majority of you reading this...LOL. 
(or probably ANY of you...lmao)
I realize this is epitome of nerdiness.
Talking about the smoothness of paper is about the tippy-tippy-top of office supply geekiness.

I was so excited when I realized how smooth this paper was for writing on. 

It's no secret that I've gotten sucked down the fountain pen wormhole this year. The smoothness of the paper is just another facet of that. In fact, fountain pen people don't even flinch at spending $20 on a single notebook (I's shocking) when the paper is smooth. But until you write with a good pen on amazingly smooth paper and realize just how good it can feel, you don't know how to appreciate good paper.

And I found some AMAZING paper in a very surprising place...TARGET!
AND it doesn't cost a fortune. 

The Green Room line is so smooth and to write on it is like writing on butter. Right now I'm plotting my books longhand just because it feels SO GOOD to write on this paper. My favorite combination of writing tools are the Green Room ClipFolios with my Lamy Al-Star Medium nib fountain pen.

Write, Better, Faster by Becca Syme...
I'm just finishing up an amazing class by Becca Syme that is hosted at Margie Lawson's site, called Write, Better, Faster.

Y'all...this class was incredible. 

Becca uses character analysis to figure out what in your writing routine is holding you back.
Have you ever had another writer swear by a certain writing method that just did NOT work for you? 
That's because you both have different personalities and process things differently. 

Becca teaches how to customize your writing to your individual personality.
It was a great class and I HIGHLY recommend it. 
She uses a combination of three personality analysis methods to come to her conclusions.

I don't see a listing on Margie's site for the class right now (probably because it has to be super-labor-intensive for Becca), but if you get the chance to take the class, I suggest you definitely do!!

And for  those curious, here's where I fall on the different personality charts...
(Introverted 79%, Sensing 63%, Thinking 54%, Judging 61%)


Strengthsfinder (top 5)
1. Consisting
2. Intellection
3. Achiever
4. Individualization
5. Analytical

Really interesting stuff. :)

I'm giving away a few print copies of 
When Love Comes Back... 

Go check it out.
You can find the giveaway HERE.

or by following this link...

This's happening...

I'll readily admit, I'm seriously behind in all the Marvel world movies, but I really want to go see this one ^^^...

Have a great weekend, everyone!
I hope you get to read a great book this weekend!

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