Friday, May 18, 2018

Friday Five for May 18th...

One photo from last weekend's girls' day with Kat...
We had a fabulous time last weekend. She turned 11 this week and is getting interested in all those preteen the highlight of the day for her was a trip to Ulta where she had her makeup done. 
Wow, are we ready for this?
Tonight she's at a school. dance.
Whether we're ready or not, it's happening.

My present for myself...

Ever since spring hit, I've been drooling over various cherry blossom fountain pens. 

Most of them are limited editions with limited edition prices, but this week, I found this pen on Amazon for just over $ I bought it for myself.

I enjoy pens that feel substantial in my hand...this one has weight to it and I can't imagine being more happy with it. I truly am thrilled with it. Now, I just need to figure out the perfect ink to put inside of it. Right now, it has Diamine Spearmint Diva in it, which I love, but it's not the right color for this pen. But I also don't want to put pink in it. I'll figure it out eventually.

A teaser...
A coed in danger and the bodyguard who's hired to keep her safe.

Guarded Desire is coming.

I adore this book. 
It's romantic suspense, but with a touch of new adult feel.
This is the first book in the NM Protectors series.
All the books will feature separate couples so they will be standalones.

More info will be coming...
including the gorgeous cover reveal.

But for now, mark it on your calendar...
release date is June 21st.

Recommended for you!!!
by Amy Lane

If you read m/m books, you NEED to read these books. I read (listened to the audiobook) the first book, Fish Out of Water, a year or more ago. I just listened to it again in prep of listening to book #2, Red Fish Dead Fish, and fell in love with it all over again.

Both these books rate A+ ratings in my book. I LOVE THESE BOOKS.

I listened to them both in audio and the narration by Greg Tremblay could not be more perfect. 

I HIGHLY recommend both these books. 
They are so, so, so, so good.

Seriously, read them!

This looks fun...

This totally looks like a book I'd read and although I'm not sure about Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves as leads in a romantic comedy, the trailer really feels like they can pull off these two jaded souls. I'm intrigued and definitely want to see it.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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