Wednesday, February 3, 2016

When am I a real author?

Okay, this is truly a rambling post, so feel free to ignore it. 

Just some random thoughts this morning. 

I just typed "The End" on my 19th book. 

14 of those have been published. 

A couple of them will probably never see the light of day. 

But as I sit here writing this morning, I have to wonder...

Will I ever feel like I have this writing thing down?

I know, I know...

Writing is hard.

I know that. 

It takes self-control and discipline to sit down and transpose the images in my head into words on paper.

Every single day.

But I kind of thought at this point, that I would feel like...I could do this.

And not doubt every word and turn of phrase.

Every character...and their motivation.

Every idea in my head that sounds so amazing when I think about writing it BEFORE I start. 

But that's not the reality for me as a writer.


When will I stop feeling like a beginner?

Maybe when I've written 50 books...

I'll hit that point where I can sit back and say, 

"Yeah, I got this."

As I write the book.


But probably not. 

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