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Deleted Scene featuring Law...Snowcroft Safehouse

If you didn't hear, my latest book from the Men of Snowcroft series, Snowcroft Safehouse, released last week. I've been overwhelmed with the positive response from you all.
Thank you so much!!

If you haven't picked it up yet, here are the buy links...

If you have picked it up, I'm hearing one all kind of love Law. (sigh...I know, I do, too.)

Originally when I wrote the book there were a few scenes in there from Law's POV. They all either got cut or rewritten. But there was one scene that got cut from early in the book that I thought you all might enjoy getting to read now. 

(And for those of you that haven't read the book, don't worry, this doesn't hold any spoilers.)

One Year Later
Law Wyman twirled in his chair and lifted his eyebrows in question to the man standing in the doorway to his office. “Hey, Mr. Hendricks. What can I do for you today? Need me to wipe someone’s ass, now?”
Ernie Hendricks, Special Agent in Charge of the San Diego FBI office, clenched his jaw and shut the door as he stepped into the room.
“We had a meeting twenty minutes ago. Why didn’t you show up?”
Law clicked a few buttons on his computer. “Hmm,” he said. “It looks like my calendar reminder program isn’t working. I’ll get the tech guys right on that.” The nerves began tingling in his hands. To hide it, he grabbed a ball off his desk, threw it into the air and then leaned back in his chair and caught it. “So, did I miss anything important?”
He threw the ball up again, but his boss snatched the ball out of the air.
Ernie leaned heavily on Law’s desk and scowled at Law. “You will be in my office in five minutes. You will have your shirt tucked in, your tie and jacket on, and your attitude reined in or you will be out of a job tomorrow. I don’t care how good of an agent you used to be. Do I make myself clear?” he practically spat the words at Law.
“Yes, sir,” he said. After his boss exited the office, he slumped back down into his chair and examined his trembling fingers.
What was he doing? He looked at the clock. It was two-fifteen. Where had the last three hours gone? The last time he’d checked, he had fifteen more minutes before lunch. Had he eaten? His stomach said no. Jesus Christ. Why wouldn’t his brain work right anymore? He buried his fingers into his hair pressing at his skull, trying to make that organ inside function correctly again. The pressure did nothing to stem the quaking of his fingers, his stomach, or his mental state. Shit.
He stood, straightened his appearance, and took several deep breaths before he opened his office door. Outside the safety of his office, the lingering gazes of his fellow agents watched him with a mix of pity and scorn. After a year, they should be over this shit. He should be over this shit.
He could feel their thoughts. Look at the poor broken gay boy. Can’t even do his job anymore.
He wanted, no needed, to prove them all wrong. But he couldn’t do it if he continued to screw up.
When he arrived at Mr. Hendricks office, the door was shut tight and Craig manned the reception desk. As Ernie’s personal assistant, Craig knew everything that went on in the office. His lips were pressed into a narrow line now, but his voice was kind when he spoke. “He told me to tell you to wait for a bit.”
Law nodded. Of course he did. This was punishment for his tardiness. Just like getting sent to the principal’s office in elementary school. He sat in one of the hard plastic chairs and tried not to fidget and not to zone out. If he wanted to stay an agent, he needed to stay present in the here and now.
Finally, after what felt like hours, but had really only been fifteen minutes, the office door opened and Mr. Hendricks waved him in. He didn’t watch to see if Law followed, just told him to close the door and have a seat while he sat behind the desk, shuffling a few folders.
“I understand you were cleared by Dr. Anderson last week.”
Law nodded. “Yes, sir.” Dr. Anderson was his FBI-specialized psychotherapist, who had taken him on last year when he had his incident. And that’s what the FBI liked to call his complete and total nervous breakdown after that horrendous failed mission. It had taken a year for him to convince the doctor that he was fine, even if that wasn’t true. No one needed to know the real truth except Law, because he could fix this. Somehow.
But then he looked up from his lap to his boss’s entirely too knowing eyes. Christ. Had he zoned out again?
Instead of the anger when he usually lost track of the conversation, his boss appeared concerned. “I’m not sure I agree with her diagnosis, but I’m required to put you back on the job. Luckily, I had a call this morning that I think will fit your particular skill set right now and may actually help.”
Shit, they were going to put him on desk duty again weren’t they? Law couldn’t handle not having something to occupy his mind, engage him, and pull him out of this strange atrophy. He just couldn’t...
Goddammit, focus. Mr. Hendricks was still talking.
“...happened last year around the same time as your incident, so you probably never knew about it. No one knows he’s alive and we need to keep it that way so he can testify against the Barton family.”
“Wait.” Law stopped him. “Barton, the mob crime boss out of Jersey?” The FBI had been trying to take that family down for the last ten years.
Mr. Hendricks nodded. “But the witness has issues and the Marshal’s Service can’t seem to handle him, so they called me this morning to see if I had an agent to take him on. I think you’re one of the few who could understand him and keep him safe. I want you to read through his file and let me know if you think you’re up to the job.”
He may have missed half the conversation, but it sounded like this was a real mission. A chance to recover his career. A chance to make Andrew’s sacrifice worth it. Yes, whatever it was, he could do it. He would make sure of it.


So, I know that you all are dying for Law's book, but I have a special little something coming up first in the Snowcroft world. This idea actually came from one of my beta readers, Lee Murphy. So, here's your hint...

I'm excited about this project. I'm planning it to be a novella and will feature an m/m/f menage story line (you've already met two of the characters who will feature in the m/m/f story in this book). We'll see though if the novella plan actually works out for me, because there's going to be a lot of conflict in this one...but that's what makes books so good. *sigh* 

As well as a new baby for Jamie and Trevor, so you know those two guys are going to play heavily into this book. 

There will also be a better introduction of Law's hero in the story since he's related to Trevor. Can anyone guess who he is?

This novella will completely stand on it's own because I know all my m/m readers don't necessarily want to read m/m/f, but it really is setting up to be an amazing story.

This novella is UNNAMED right now...any ideas for me?

Then, SNOWCROFT RESTORATION (Law's book) will be the next full-length release in the series.

And no, I'm not sure when all this will happen.

My release schedule right now:
(Male Model Chronicles #2) is done and in editing- releasing late May/early June
*Right By Your Side 
(Martin Ranch #1) am writing right now - hoping for Aug/Sept release
*Allied In Flight
(Through the Veil #2) not written yet - hoping for Oct release
*Found at the Library
(stand alone m/m Christmas romance) written- needs to go through edits - Oct release
(Male Model Chronicles #3) not written - Nov release

So already, the release schedule is pretty tight and I have several other projects in various stages of writing that aren't on there that I really want to work on, too. But I'm hoping to get the m/m/f novella slid somewhere in there around the Dec timeframe...maybe.

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