Thursday, May 14, 2015

Things happen for a reason...

Hello, everyone. This is just going to be a small rambling post today.

For most of us in the romance world, we are either in DFW for the RT Convention or watching the posts from there wishing we were.

I'm the latter of that group.

What makes that harder is that DFW is practically in my backyard...only 4 hours away from me. Seriously, I do that as a day trip every once in a while. But I'm not there.

And there are very good reasons for that fact:
1. My daughter's 8th birthday is tomorrow
2. In January, my parents moved/retired to New Mexico so I lost my backup babysitters for hubby when I'm out of town.
3. Honestly, I couldn't afford it.

Well, now that the week is here and I'm watching the posts from RT and feeling sad that I'm not there, I have to worked out the way it was supposed to.

This would have been the worst possible week for me to be out of town:
1. I started out the week really sick. That would have been when I would have been driving to DFW. I probably would have wrecked if I had tried it because I was functioning so poorly.
2. My husband's work schedule this week has been CRAZY. There hasn't been a single night when he's been home before 8. Last night it was after 9. (Note: he goes to work at 6:00 those are crazy long days.)

So even if I'd planned to go, I wouldn't have been able to.

And let me tell you. The only thing worse than missing the RT Convention when it's in your backyard  would have been missing it, but having paid for it first.

See, things happen for a reason.

So, I'm sitting at home this week watching the posts from RT, wishing I was there, but so thankful that I have friends who I can live vicariously through... Have fun, everyone, who got to go!!

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