Friday, December 1, 2017

Friday Five...December 1st edition

December is did that happen?


This graph doesn't have yesterday's numbers on it, but I only wrote 662 words, so that's okay.
My goal had been to finish writing the first draft of When Love Comes Back so I could take the month of December off. 

Well, that didn't happen. 

I have 51,355 words in it with another 35-40k to go. 

So, my revised goal is to have it done by the time Kat's winter break starts on Dec 16. Sixteen days, I can do that, right? *eeps* I need to hurry up writing this!! I have a lot of words to write.

My holiday releases...

I love holiday stories. 
They are truly my all-time favorites, so this year I wrote two of m/f and one m/m.
(I wanted everyone to have something that fit their preferred reading genre.)

Found at the Jazz Club
One gorgeous song-writer and musician
one jaded publishing executive
a thanksgiving wedding that neither can remember
holiday magic!

One exhausted, heart-broken guy
One sick, confused deer shifter
dark, desolate highway
a meet-cute that would surprise even Santa

Ooh, I want to go see this...

I'll admit, I've seen several people post about this movie trailer and I just kept ignoring it. Well, finally I watched it and I totally see why everyone is excited. This looks so dang good...

And, even better, it's based on a book.
So, yes, I had to order the book, too. 
Now the question I read the book first or watch the movie first?
Because you know the book is going to be so much better than the movie. 
hmm, decisions, decisions...

It's been a while since I mentioned my latest favorite reads. Since this week had two A+ rated ones, I thought it was a good time to revisit this idea.
The Bachelor Contract by Rachel Van Dyken
This second chance at love story is about a married couple whose lives fell apart four years ago. Their marriage didn't survive, but the love didn't disappear. So many emotions in this one. It's absolutely fantastic.

Infamous by Jenny Holiday
This is a m/m romance and it was so good. My first time reading this author, I fell in love with rock star Jesse and the sacrifices he's made for his career. It was such a good, riveting book!

Start of the Advent Calendar...
or as my daughter calls it...the month where we get candy for breakfast...LOL.

I love the idea of the advent calendar and have this one that I fill up every year. 
The problem? I like to put a variety of candy in it, so every day is a surprise and that means we now have jars of chocolate sitting around. 

As if this month isn't bad enough for our waists...LOL.

That's it for today. 

Happy December, everyone!

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