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Series in progress (books to come):
  • Men of Snowcroft
    • #5 (2019)
    • #6
  • Found
    • Found at the Rock Concert (#4...2018)
    • Found at the Gallery (#5)
  • When the Mission Ends
    • When Love Surprises (#6...September, 2018)
  • Play It Again series by CG Snow
    • Sweet Disaster (#1...2019)
    • Disenchanted Hearts (#2...2019)
    • Recovering Hope (#3...2019)
  • NM Protectors
    • Guarded Desire (#1...June 21, 2018)
    • Photo Op Serendipity (#2...2019)
  • Broken
    • Broken Control (#1)
    • Broken Together (#2)
    • Broken ? (#3) (Landon's book)
  • Martin Ranch Series
    • Cruel Serendipity (#1.5)
    • Finding You in the Crazy (#2)
    • Trust Me to Hold You (#3)
    • Searching for Indiscretion (#4)
  • Through the Veil by Christina Snow
    • Healing the Chasm (#4)
    • Flirting with Desire (#5)
    • Discovering New Boundaries (#6)
    • Surrender to the Dream (#7)
    • Unity Embraced (#8)
Coming in 2018
(more details coming SOON!)
  • When Love Comes Back (When the Mission Ends #5)...released March 23, 2018
  • Guarded Desire (NM Protectors #1)...released June 21, 2018
  • Smooth (writing with Sarah Nego) (Naked Brews #1)... September 12, 2018
  • Thick (writing with Sarah Nego) (Naked Brews #2)...September 26, 2018
  • Bitter (writing with Sarah Nego) (Naked Brews #3)...October 10, 2018
  • Crazy Love (writing with Sarah Nego) (Bookstore Love #1)...October 24, 2018
  • Tasty Love (writing with Sarah Nego) (Bookstore Love #2)... November, 2018
  • When Love Surprises (When the Mission Ends #6...September 14, 2018)
  • Found At the Rock Concert (Found #4...Christmas, 2018)
Crazy Love...
(October 24)
She has secrets that need to stay hidden. He’s digging into her life and her heart. Now they have to work together to organize the Aspenridge masquerade ball. It’s going to be a disaster.

When Kaliope Winters opened Em-Dash, the local bookstore, she did it because of a pure love of books...and the need to stay under the radar. But the vlog hottie stealing her wifi keeps making her blow her cool, which isn’t good, because she doesn’t need to draw his attention. He’s too gorgeous, too charming, and way too nosy.

When Tennyson Helms started his YouTube channel, he planned it to be temporary, not his forever career. Now Ten is trying to prove he’s got the chops to make it as an investigative journalist and thinks Kali will be his next big story. She’s acting way too suspicious. Unfortunately, he can’t decide if he wants to investigate her or kiss her.

Enemies-to-lovers takes a whole new meaning when the masks are dropped...

The Bookstore Love duology...
  1. Crazy Love
  2. Tasty Love (coming November, 2018)
Tasty Love...
Eight years ago, she broke his heart.
Eight years ago, he vowed never to let her hurt him again.
Now, they have to work together to keep their town safe.

At the age of sixteen, Val Garcia made the worst mistake of her life. She trusted the wrong guy, and hurt the guy she loved. She can never atone for that one mistake, but she’s trying.

As a cop, Spencer Murdock is trained in the art of evasion, but that isn’t helping him avoid the pariah in his life...his first love, Val. It doesn’t help that as the town baker, his friends and coworkers are always moaning over her cupcakes. Yeah, it sounds dirty to him when they do it, too.

Now, he has to work with her daily, see her daily, listen to her soft voice and see her smooth skin...daily. And daily he’s seeing her more as the girl he fell in love with, not the girl who destroyed him.

There’s no way they can have a second chance. That trust is broken. But every day there are glimpses that make them both ask...what if?
Found at the Rock Concert...
A wounded rock star, a bodyguard, and a CEO get trapped in a snowed-in cabin...

It sounds like the beginning of a joke, but it’s not. This is the start of an epic love story between three men. Three men who have a history twined together with encounters and impressions that have marked their years.

They just never realized how all those brief encounters would eventually change their lives forever.

Daniel, the rock star who survived a plane crash who’s trying to figure out how to live his life without his legs.

Luke, the bodyguard who made so many mistakes and now thinks he doesn’t deserve the man he’s loved for years.

Austin, the CEO who thinks he’s on the outside pulling the strings, but what he doesn’t realize is without him at the core, this relationship will never work...for any of them.

Three men, one snowy winter cabin, one epic love story waiting to be discovered...

  • Sweet Disaster (Play It Again #1...early, 2019)
  • Disenchanted Hearts (Play It Again #2...early, 2019)
  • Recovering Hope (Play It Again #3...2019)
  • Photo Op Serendipity (NM Protectors #2)

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