Friday, December 29, 2017

Final Friday Five of 2017

Blessed Holiday...
This has been a busy year for me, so I luxuriated in the fact that I haven't written (much) this month. I've still been working a tiny bit on planning for 2018, but overall, I've allowed myself time off this month with no guilt. 

This month I've set other watching 5 movies and reading 5 books that I wasn't reading specifically for review. I've loved this time off and spent several days introducing my daughter to the classic Doris Day movies and joys like The Holiday movie. We also went to the theater three's been time well spent. I needed to spend this time with Kat. 

And then to top it all off, my husband totally spoiled me by buying me this gorgeous Visconti Van Gogh fountain pen patterned off his Irises artwork. I'm totally and completely in love with it. 

(Note: I have it inked up with J. Herbin Blue Ocean ink which I also adore.)

Here it's shown with my Chic Sparrow pen holder and my Fern Pemberley A5 traveller's notebook with my phrase for 2018 that I plan to use later this spring as my main TN.

I hope you all had a blessed, relaxing holiday.

Top Five Things of 2017...

In this photo are five things that I've loved and am really excited about right now.
1. My Chic Sparrow Traveller's Notebook. 
I started using this system in July and it was the best decision I've ever made. Every day I create a daily layout in the first hour of the day, but over the holiday, I've played with different layouts for different needs and simply played within it without a time limit. I've been so inspired creatively just by creating. 

Creating spurs more creativity!

2. Buffalo Plaid
I bought this thermos on Christmas clearance from Hobby Lobby for only $6 and change. OMG, I love it so much. I seriously would have been thrilled with it even if I hadn't gotten it 66% off. This has been the year that I've completely fallen in love with Buffalo Plaid.

3. This Backdrop
I know this seems like a simple, basic thing, but this was something I saw from Chrissy Fields of Scriver Creek. I ordered this 3' square vinyl backdrop ( and another in washed white boards for less than $15 each. You can upload any photo file for your custom backdrop that you want. I bought mine from a stock photo site. The vinyl is perfect...AWESOME for photography for so little money. I LOVE them. 

4. Battery operated twinkle lights
THIS was the best thing ever made. I have so many different sets of these lights. This is the set I use as a photo prop. I have another set hanging above my desk for ambience and I have various other little sets in different styles throughout the house. They're battery operated, most of them have built-in timers, and they're so versatile. Kat has a set of three lanterns with tiny, purple twinkle lights that look like fireflies or fairies in her room.

5. My new polaroid instax camera
I haven't even used this yet, but I have big plans for it and I'm so excited. In 2018, I plan to do a photo a day challenge just so I am more intentional about documenting life. Big plans!

Top Ten Reads of 2017...

I have a whole post about these books on my book review blog. If you're interested, you can go check out the list more thoroughly here...Smitten with Reading.

Ten New Releases in 2017...
I'm thrilled with what I was able to accomplish in 2017 with 10 releases.

Thank you so much to each and every one of you who supported me throughout the year!!

Overall, I wrote 358,740 words in the year. 
That sounds like a lot until you look at each individual month. Some months I did great, but there were 4 months where I wrote less than 15,000 words/month. That's less than 500 words/day which is pathetic. 

So, I can do better.

Looking Forward to 2018...
I have big plans for 2018. Right now, I have 460,000 words planned to write...that's 8 books to complete (all full-length books, no novellas). 

I feel like it's realistic to release 6 of those books.

Big plans and I'll be sharing more...later. 

But for now, you should know this is my Phrase of the Year for me for 2018. I'll have a post about my reasoning behind it on Sunday.

2017 has been a great year. I'm hoping 2018 will be even better...

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