Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Seasonal Reading

Summer is here!

For me, that makes me think about summer reading.

Ah, lazy summer days spent buried in a good book.

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So that made me think...do you actually have more time for reading in the summer?

What types of books make fun summer reads?

Do you sign your kids up for summer reading clubs?

Have you read a good book lately that would be good for summer reading? Give us some recommendations!

Give me some feedback....I wanna know your opinions!!!

Personally, I love reading anytime and all the time....all year long, but most of you probably already know that about me. I do love those days when it's a bit cooler (I live in West Texas....summers are HOT here!) and we can take the blanket to a local park and sit under the trees and read. Yes, we actually do that pretty regularly in my family...we're all readers.

I need to check into the local library and see what they are doing for reading clubs this summer. Kat, my 5 yo would love it. Maybe that will be our plan for today.

Have a great Monday everyone!!!

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  1. This summer is all about what I have on my shelf already. I am going to try and not pick up to many books. I tend to lean towards sweet romances during the summer! There is just something about sweet summer loves!