Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Overwhelmed by your support....

Yesterday was awesome!!

Thank you so much for your overwhelming support and excitement for me!!

So, now what?

I feel like I've been working on everything I showed you yesterday forever (although in all rights, Amanda did all the work....hehe.) For now, I am working on a schedule for the blog here, so you'll keep coming back. What do you want to see??

(photo removed)

Yes, hot guys are a given, but what else???

Book love always works too.

I'll probably sneak in some excerpts every once in a while.

shh, here's one from Operation: Endgame...

The sight of Jake’s very naked, very defined, very gorgeous, very luscious chest drew her up short. He was wearing sleep pants low on his hips. She felt a shiver of awareness flare through her body. Right above the waistband of those pants was the ridged lines of his very defined 8-pack, topped off by his muscular pecs, shoulders, and biceps. Cassie’s eyes followed the line of hair which led enticingly from his chest into the waistband of the pants and her mouth was suddenly dry.

“Ahem,” Jake interrupted her perusal.  Cassie’s eyes flew to his humor-filled eyes and she realized she was basically standing there with her mouth hanging open at the sight him. 

She was busted for gawking at his gorgeous body. Cassie felt her cheeks flood with embarrassment, and decided the best tact may be to pretend she hadn’t been drooling over him. “Do I smell coffee?” Her voice sounded scratchy, but could be attributed to her over-indulgence from last night instead of lust at the sight of his gorgeous half-dressed body.
So, now I want to hear from you....What do YOU want to see and hear about????


  1. Sorry I know you asked a question but I was distracted by the hot man :)

    I am not really sure what I want to see LOL The only other authors blogs I follow are Melissa Schroeder and Jess Haines :)

  2. First off,your website looks amazing!
    Secondly,if course we're excited,you've put a lot of work in to get to this point so it's cool to see it come together.
    Thirdly- A writer's blog that I love, writes posts about the writing process every monday and conversations about love and romance on Fridays. I think that anything you want to share would be great!

  3. LOL, Felicia...he is pretty, isn't he?

    Lydia- Thank you!! I like the idea of having a set day to talk about writing. And love and romance is ALWAYS a good idea for a romance writer. Thanks for the suggestions!!