Wednesday, September 26, 2018

It's release day...Are you ready for THICK?

It's release day!
Well, re-release day anyway.
Thick is book #2 of the Naked Brews series that Sarah and I originally released under the KB Jacobs penname. We're rereleasing that original series of 3 full length books and the novella, Unprepared. Then in October and November, we'll be releasing two new full-length books in the Aspenridge, Colorado world. So, be on the lookout for the Bookstore Love duology...

Yep, for those of you keeping track, we'll be releasing series set around the same fictional small town. The first series, Naked Brews, is built around a craft brewery run by three women. The second series, Bookstore Love, is built around the local bookstore, Em-Dash. 

A tragic fire left Melissa Frye homeless and with nothing to her name except a single teacup from her massive collection and a box of clothes that don't fit. Her life isn't the raging success she thought it would be, but she refuses to go home and work for her uncle's CPA firm. She'd rather live out of her car than face that soul-sucking future. But with hardly any savings and months of couch surfing with friends in front of her, her car is looking more tempting by the day.

Anthony Millett has spent years as the Bad Boy of Boarding, but his high life of snowboarding and non-stop parties is starting to catch up with him. After sustaining an injury while saving Melissa from the fire, his competition season is over and his sponsors aren't willing to put up with his bad boy persona anymore. He needs a quick reputation fix and the lovely Melissa could be just the answer.

The plot Thickens
Anthony has plenty of spare bedrooms in his mountainside mansion, and Melissa has the perfect innocent face to convince his sponsors he's a new man. Pretending to date her won't be hard. Not falling for her could be the real challenge.

This book was previously published as Deliciously Thick by KB Jacobs (a pseudonym used by Sarah Nego and Christi Snow).

Available at these retailers:
iBooks (should be live soon)

And if you missed the release of Smooth and the information about how to get the FREE novella, Unprepared, here is all that...

Naked Brews #1
(m/f New Adult romance)

The plan had always been finish college, move back to Colorado, and run Naked Brews with her dad. That plan fell apart when Lake's dad died and his ex-wife, AKA the absent maternal figure, inherited the brewery. Now Lake will have to convince her perfectionist mom not to sell the place, sweet talk the bank into a loan she has no credit for, and figure out how to turn the failing brewery into a success. No problem.

The job should be simple. Pretend to be his millionaire best friend, buy a failing brewery, and honor their fallen brother-in-arms. But simple went down the drain the minute he met the sassy new brewery manager. Now he's stuck between a loud-mouth sarcasm factory and her mom. He'd prefer to be trapped between Lake and a soft bed, but he swore he wouldn't sleep with the brewery owner. Though technically she doesn't own the brewery...

Naked Brews
They both want to buy the same brewery and ignore the chemistry brewing between them. What could possibly go wrong?

This book was previously published as Deliciously Smooth by KB Jacobs (a pseudonym used by Sarah Nego and Christi Snow).

Purchase Links:
Barnes and Noble
(which for some reason has my name as Christi Christi)
Not sure yet?
Well, we have a FREE prequel novella
to introduce you to the characters, Unprepared.
You can pick it up HERE.

All great love stories start with Once Upon a Time. But what happened before the Upon a Time? The Before a Time? Once Upon the day before? Before the Time was Onced Upon? Nevermind.

The point is, there’s a lot of business happening before our characters reach Chapter One.

Bringing us to Unprepared. Before the Meet Cute, first kiss and HEA there were two people desperately living life, unprepared for the future. This is their story.

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