Thursday, August 9, 2018

Throwback Thursday...Operation Endeavor

For today's TBT, I'm featuring my favorite book that I've ever written...
Operation: Endeavor.

*opposites attract in this reluctant roommate romantic story*

They weren’t five minutes down the road, before it was obvious that Penelope had drifted back to sleep. Her head quickly sunk onto Chris’s lap. Colton looked over at him. “Do you mind if we stop at the pharmacy before I take you home so I can pick up her pain medicine? I don’t want to have to leave her home alone later.”
Chris looked down at Penelope’s hair spread over his lap and grinned cockily at Colton. “It’s been a long time since I had a beautiful lady in my lap. You can take as much time as you want.”
Colton literally growled at Chris. It was as much of a surprise to him as it was to Chris that he was feeling this proprietary of her.
It wasn’t long before Chris looked at him knowingly. “So that’s the way it is with you two, huh?” He took another look at Penelope in front of him. “I never would have put the two of you together.”
Colton spoke through gritted teeth. “We’re not together, but you need to keep your hands to yourself. She’s hurt. I’m simply her roommate and taking care of her.”
“Uh huh,” Chris said in a tone which said he wasn’t buying this story one little bit. He cleared his throat as he looked over her multiple bruises. “Did you ever get the full story about what happened?”
Colton glanced down at her again and clenched his jaw. “No, but you can fucking bet I’m going to find out who did this to her and they will never be able to touch her again. No one is allowed to hurt her like this.”
Chris’s eyes widened at the menace in Colton’s voice.
They pulled into the parking spot. “I’ll be right back.”
“We’re not going anywhere.” Chris just grinned at him like the cat that swallowed the canary.
Colton ground his teeth, but shut the truck door gently behind him. He needed to get this done so he could get Penelope home and in her comfortable bed. He didn’t like her sprawled all over Chris. Wasn’t that an eye-opener? But he didn’t have time to dwell on it right now.
Penelope still hadn’t stirred when Colton drove up to the front of Cassie’s house. She was still sprawled all over Chris’s lap. Chris gently nudged her to get her moving. Penelope didn’t truly wake up, just looked at him with disoriented eyes. He unclipped her seat belt and turned her so she was facing the back of the seat and could resume the same position on Colton’s lap without hurting her injured side.
She settled right back into Colton’s lap and slipped back into sleep again.
Colton looked up at him as Chris said, “You can thank me later."

Colton Robertson left his career in the Air Force…

… to come home and help his family heal. Unfortunately, his reception was not quite what he’d hoped for and he ended up as roommate to hippy dippy yoga instructor Penelope Pruitt.

Penelope has spent her life under the restrictive thumb of her parents and she doesn’t want to do the same with the straight-laced, serious Colton. But when it becomes apparent that Penelope’s life is in danger, Colton won’t settle for anyone else protecting Penelope besides him.

Opposites attract and that’s definitely the case with Colton and Penelope. On the surface, they don’t have anything in common, but as the sparks fly and the danger ramps up, their passion is inevitable.

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