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Friday Five is Back! More news....

Honestly, I'd planned to write a whole Friday Five on Intertwined Hearts last week (which released last week), but I simply didn't get it done with the release also happening. So, instead I'm going to write a modified version of that plan today...and then I have a couple of fun announcements at the end.


The most pure love story I've ever written...
Talking about Intertwined Hearts...
I know that this book looks like kinky erotica from the cover. That couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, I would hazard to say that this is the purest love story I've ever written. At its heart this story is about three characters who never would have fallen in love if life had stayed on the course they expected it to. 

But each of them had a truly significant thing happen to them on May 27th that changed the courses of their lives. None of those three events were tied to the others, but they significantly changed the trajectory the characters were moving on and brought them to one another.

This is truly a story that embraces the idea that...
love is love.

We don't control where love happens or with who.
Sometimes the right people just enter our lives and they complete us. 

For these three, that love was made up of three people, not two.
And that was completely unexpected.


The Characters...

Leigh Vaughn

How she fits in the Snowcroft world...
Leigh is the younger sister to Jamie (hero from Snowcroft Lost). 
She's volunteered to serve as surrogate for Jamie and Trevor.

She runs and owns Vaughn Construction with Jamie. 
She grew up around the construction crews and curses like a sailor. 

Things to know about Leigh...
She's pretty fanatical about bacon, coffee, and cursing. I kind of adore her. She's rough around the edges, but when a person finds themselves in her care, she's all-in. You become part of her tribe, and she's not going to give you up...not without a fight. She identifies as heterosexual, but having an older gay brother, she's been exposed to gay porn a bit more than most women, so she's not opposed to two guys all. 

David Warner

How he fits into the Snowcroft World...
David is actually a new character to this book.

David is the new police chief for Snowcroft. 
He's been hired from the Albuquerque police department. 

Things to know about David:
He grew up on a commune outside of Taos to very loving, but laidback, hippie parents. His need for more discipline and rules in his life is what drew him to police work. But his upbringing comes out in other areas. David believes in love for a person, not a certain sex, but identifies as bisexual. This guy is a caretaker in every sense of the word. He also sees more than most.

Hudson Richmond

How he fits into the Snowcroft World:
He's one of Jamie's best friends. He made an appearance in the beginning of Snowcroft Lost because before Trevor came on the scene, he had a friends-with-benefits deal with Jamie.

He's a chef. Six months before the book begins, he owned his own restaurant in Austin. 

Things to know about Hudson:
His life came crashing down when a horrific assault left him suicidal and unable to work in a commercial kitchen or stand a man's touch anymore. After he's checked out of the mental institution, Jamie convinces him to come to Snowcroft to recover and help feed Leigh who is a bio-hazard in the kitchen and pregnant, so she needs to eat more than bacon she gets at the local diner. He identifies as gay, but after his attack, a man's touch terrifies him on a subconscious level. He and Leigh develop an amazing, gorgeous friendship that slowly changes things for all of them.

It's so hard to explain the dynamics of these three, but I will say that I am more proud of this book than anything else I've ever written. I think their story is amazing. The love is PURE and that makes my heart go pitter-pat. I love this book.


Coming this week...
OMG, there is another new release coming from me this week. 
How the heck did that sneak up on me?

Releasing WEDNESDAY!!

So...ahem...this book is a bit of a departure for me.
Yes, I'm dipping my toes into the paranormal world.

About a year ago, Marc from Rainbow Gold Reviews approached me to see if I'd be willing to write a charity m/m novella. I immediately said, "YES!" Then he told me it needed to be a vampire story.

Not exactly in my normal wheelhouse, so I started 

Then I was driving home from dropping off my daughter at school and looked at a house that I drive by every day...and a story was born. 

It's a normal house, in a normal middle-class subdivision, but I swear to's weird. There are some sort of full-coverage shutters over ALL the windows in the house. You literally can't see any glass at all. So, of course, I'm a writer.

What if a vampire lived there?
And Smolder was born. 

Smolder...Texas Paranormals #1
(m/m paranormal romance novella)
coming October 25, 2017

This book is part of the Children of the Night Charity Anthology from Less than Three Press. 
All the proceeds will go to the Rainbow Railroad, an organization in Canada helping Chechnyan gay men escape persecution.

Story Description:
Zack Blackthorne had “dark, immoral” cravings long before he became a vampire. Born during the mid 1800’s, he grew up during a time when loving a man was wrong. But in a moment of weakness, he gave into that urge and life as he knew it changed forever. Now he lives a cursed existence and will never cross that line again. He earned his fate. Alone, he exists in the shadows of the world.

Nash Dixon is a new vampire who’s used to living his life in the light. A photographer by trade, he has no idea how to deal with his new reality. He hasn’t mentioned his latest medical condition to his best friends, only that he needs a safe place to land. Bringing danger to their door was never part of the plan.

Nash also didn’t count on Zack, his sexy new mentor. Zack is an enigma...grumpy, gorgeous, and completely off-limits. At least that’s what Zack’s mouth says. The heat in his eyes says something else entirely. As a photographer, Nash sees that deeper need. But how does he convince a 150-year-old vampire that sometimes the light is exactly where he needs to be?

Do we have time for a cover reveal?
I honestly don't know...this post is getting pretty long. 

But I hate not to share this one because I'm so in love with it.
Okay, okay. 

Here is the cover reveal for Found at the Jazz Club...

Remember Brady and Emily who had that surprise wedding in Vegas in Found at the Bookstore? This is their story. Oh, and some new characters show up which means that there's another Found book planned besides Found at the Gallery. There's also going to be Found at the Rock Concert
And don't worry...both of those books go back to the m/m format. Well, actually one is m/m/m....

There will be more details to come...probably next week, but just know this book is also going to be releasing SOON!!


Speaking of Triads...

Speaking of triad relationships, have you seen the trailer for this new movie? Who knew that story was behind the Wonder Woman comic? I'm kind of excited to go see this one...


Have a great weekend, everyone!

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