Friday, June 30, 2017

Friday Five... Release date for Found at the Bookstore

Recapping June...

*I wrote 45,000 words.
*As KB Jacobs, we finished the first draft of the first book in our next series.
*I put together a massive publishing checklist in an effort to get more organized.
*I spent massive amounts of money...also in an effort to get more organized...hehe.
*I got Found at the Bookstore completely ready for release.
*KB Jacobs released her 3rd full length novel, Deliciously Bitter.
*I have new accountability partnerships which are AMAZING!

Overall, I'm very happy with this month's progress.
I AM getting more organized and getting more done. 
That's HUGE!

I got to go to a real bookstore...
And I know that for most of you this isn't a big deal.
But in our little West Texas town, we lost our bookstore last year. Now my closest bookstore is 1 1/2 hours away. My closest B&N is 2 hours away. That's a trek. So yesterday, I drove the two hours and luxuriated in perusing the racks of books and finding books that I normally wouldn't pick up...just because I could.

 If you have a bookstore, appreciate it, love it, visit it...for me!

Here in the US, next week is a holiday.

I'm weird in that I hate being around other people...yes, I'm a stereotypical introverted writer. So, what do I do on holidays? I wait until the day after to go on a trip. Next week, I'm headed to the real Snowcroft and I'm ridiculously excited. I just love it there.

Also, there's always something amazing about writing on the book in the setting where it takes place. It's extra-inspiring and I'm all for that.
(One of my past photos take from there)

What I'm Writing...

It's CampNaNoWriMo Time and I have big plans for July.

1. Snowcroft Restoration (Snowcroft #4...Law's book) has a little bit over 30k words written on it. I plan to finish it in July.

2. KB Jacobs (if you missed that announcement last week, check it HERE) is about to start book #2 in our next series. When we start writing, it takes us about 3 weeks to write the first draft (we each write a scene/day so we write about 3000-3500 words/day.

And now the thing you've been waiting for...

Does anyone want to know 
the release date for Found at the Bookstore?


Maybe a reminder of the story line to pique your interest...

Found at the Bookstore Story Description

After suffering a traumatic brain injury the final football game his senior year in high school, Ryder Garrett’s life was never normal again. Most days he’s happy when he can remember the way home. There’s no room in his life for romance or love, which means he’s destined to die a virgin.

Stig Minton doesn’t remember what virginity felt like. Twelve years older than Ryder, he’s been around the block too many times to count and has the scars to prove it...both physically and mentally.

But as these two men come together to help with a wedding, they forge a friendship, a friendship they both desperately need. As their relationship evolves, feelings go deeper. But is it stupid to risk this new—and, yes necessary—bond in pursuit of something that’s doomed to fail?

They both think they’re too broken to make this work. But what if they’re wrong?

Two broken souls may just be able to find reparation in one another...

Book #2 in the Found Series.

Okay, I'll stop teasing. 
The release date is...
July 19, 2017

(note...ignore the rating on the GR page. someone gave it one star before it was ever written)

Other preorder links will be coming. I just haven't had a chance to set them up yet.

Have a great weekend everyone!
Stay safe on the lakes and roads.

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