Friday, May 26, 2017

The final day of school Friday Five...

Summer is HERE!

Today was the last day of school, so I had a very good excuse for why I'm late today...

Wow, what a difference in only a single school year. 
Should I be afraid?

Something that caught my eye this week...

These photos came from Steampunk Tendencies on Facebook.

In another lifetime, I used to make everything I wore (I made my wedding dress). Seeing things like this makes me want to go back to that fashion design a big way.

Journal porn...
I made a very dangerous discovery recently...

I had to place an order. Look at all this prettiness...

I'm not sure how I'll get the courage to actually write in them. They are just so gorgeous!

Paperblanks Silver Filigree Maya Blue Journal

Paperblanks Equinoxe Azure Journal

Vintage Notebook Parisian Blue Diary


I swear Amazon has a direct link to the inside of my head...

I've never done any of their buttons, but I couldn't resist this one. On those nights when edits are going horrifically bad or I'm hormonal, I can push my button and receive a surprise box of sweet treats. 

Seriously, how can this possibly go wrong? 

I pushed it this afternoon, so I'll let you all know what my first box of sweets is like.

(I'm much more excited about this than I should be...LOL.)

News from my book world...
^^^Believe in the Wish pictured^^^

This book is available right now...Amazon.

But in other news, I sent Found at the Bookstore to my editor this week.

NEXT WEEK, I'll share the blurb and cover. 

So be sure to come back and check in. I hope to release it in June (depending on edits).

Have a great weekend. 
For Americans, it's a holiday. Enjoy it with a good book.

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