Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday Five...Late, but it's still Friday!

Did you give up on me posting the Friday Five today?
I had a business lunch which consisted of TONS of book talk and a couple of margaritas...
sooo, I'm running a bit behind today. 

But never fear, here is your Friday Five...just a few hours late.

It's time for PLANNERS!!

Most of you probably realize this about me by now, but just in case you don't...
I'm an office supply junkie.
Always have been, probably always will be.

For me, and my seriously intensive OCD ways (at least when it comes to these types of things....totally NOT when it comes to cleaning my house...LOL), planners are Nirvana. I lurve them... in all shapes and forms. 
But I'm also cheap.
So, my planners come from Target.
And the Target Day Designers are dated July-June.
So, in my world that means I got to do a totally decadent planner splurge buy at Target this week.
You totally want to see photos, right?

And I know...I can see those raised eyebrows from here. 
Why do I need TWO of the big ones?
Because those are my art planners that I create my stamped planner page inside of each morning. I use watercolors which warp the pages.
Below are my TWO (almost finished) planners from this year. 
Yes, at one point in time, those two planners on the left were the same thickness as the two new ones in the back...until ART.

By the end of six months, they are seriously bulging.

But we like bulges, so that's okay.
(Oh come on...I totally know you were thinking it, too.)

Trailers, Trailers, Trailers...

Okay, confession time.
I truly don't watch TV.
I'd rather read or write with that time. 
But I adore watching trailers and the idea that I MIGHT watch new shows coming out... 
(nevermind that I never actually get to really watch them.)
But this week had a couple of amazing looking trailers for new TV shows coming.

First, The Crossing coming from ABC...

Doesn't that look intriguing?

Also, be sure to go check out the trailer for the new Star Trek Discovery
I am a total trekkie and love the look of it.

New things that make me happy...

A couple of weeks ago on Instagram, I saw a photo that featured a book (yes, those always catch my attention) and a book-themed candle. I was intrigued and in need of some retail therapy, so I followed a link that led to another link which eventually led me to a little etsy shop called...

All candles. All with book themes. It's like this shop owner knows me!

I've only burned a couple of candles so far, but I'm in love. They smell soooo good. I'm a plumeria girl, so I adore the Spring Court, but at first scent, there isn't a bad one here. I'll report more as I burn more. 

And speaking of retail therapy...

Last month I managed to get in on a subscription to the 
My first box arrived this week...
*happy sigh*
I'm so excited about every one of these signed books. They all sound amazing. Now, I just need to find time to read them.
*The Deep End by Kristen Ashley
*Blush for Me by Kristen Proby
*Lost Rider by Harper Sloan
*Dear Agony by Georgia Cates

And Finally...
What's happening with my writing?

First of all...
The release of Believe in the Wish went really well last week. Thank you so much to all of you that read, reviewed, and helped spread the word. It helps so much. 


And since that release is done, that means it's time for me to focus elsewhere...and yes, I'm still a bit ADD. I'm actively writing on both Snowcroft Restoration and When Love Comes Back, depending on which one calls to me any given day. 

This weekend, I'm doing final edits on Found at the Bookstore so I can send it to my editor next week. 

News...I got the cover for Found at the Bookstore this week...and it's so gorgeous. I can't wait to share it, and that will be soon. I need to look at the calendar and start planning that release date and as we get closer, I'll share. 

BTW, it shouldn't be too long. 

And there are a few other things happening that I think I'll be able to share sometime this summer, so soon...

Have a great weekend, everyone!
Happy reading.

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