Friday, September 4, 2015

First Line Friday...Before the Mission Begins

First Line Friday. 

The idea is we'll all share 
(unedited) snippets from one of our 
current Works In Progress or a previous release. 
Sometimes it will be the first line. 
Sometimes it will be a little excerpt. 
It will depend on what's inspiring me Thursday night. ;)

Today, I'm sharing some of the first lines from Before the Mission Begins

This was a novella from the When the Mission Ends series. It's short and sweet and only $.99.

Before his mission began, he went home. 24 hours to say goodbye to his twin sister.

Instead he found her. A girl that was nothing like the one he thought he knew.

They have 24 hours. 24 hours before he deploys on an extremely dangerous mission. 24 hours together in a freak West Texas snowstorm. 24 hours that will have to get them both through the awful next year.When the resident good-girl decides to take on the visiting bad-boy, 24 hours is all it takes to change their lives forever.This is the story of the 24 hours that no one knew ever occurred…until now.

The timeline of this novella is set before the When the Mission Ends trilogy occurs, but this book is actually meant to be read between Book #2, Operation: Endeavor, and Book #3, Operation: Endurance. 



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  1. Mmmm. Man candy. Always a good way to start a book. :)

  2. When the hot firemen stop by where I work, I always take a moment to appreciate them. Because RAWR!