Monday, August 31, 2015

Let me introduce you to the Martin Men...

In December of 2012 I released the second book of When the Mission Ends series...

Something unexpected came out of that book...
the Martin Men from the Rocking M Martin Ranch.

I was intrigued by these four gorgeous, single, cowboy brothers...and they began talking to me. 
And they haven't been quiet in the two and a half years since. 

So, on September 23rd
the first Martin Ranch book releases...
(pre-order links will be up soon...probably in about another week)

And I thought it might be time for you all to meet all the Martin Men.

Family History which has affected all of them: 
When Thomas was 8 (Matthew was 5, Scott was 14, and Andrew was 17) he was in a car wreck with his mother that killed her. She had been crying and her car ran out of her lane to hit a semi head-on. Thomas knew she was upset with his dad, but no one ever knew why. He always blamed his father. That bitterness led to Thomas's death a year ago. 

For two years after his wife's death, Michael  (Martin patriarch) went on a two-year alcoholic bender. As a result, Andrew (oldest brother) and Scott (second oldest) stepped up and basically raised the two younger brothers, Thomas and Matthew (the baby). 

Everyone in the family has been devastated by Thomas's sudden death last year. 

Information about Scott:
Age: 35
Career: Paramedic in Lubbock, Tx
Stats: 6'0", green eyes, lanky muscles

Personality: Like his career says, Scott is a caretaker. But he keeps himself separate to a certain extent. Not an emotional guy at all, but he's thrown for a loop when Skye Taylor needs him. 

He dealt with Thomas's death by taking on more paramedic shifts and avoiding his family.

Information about Matthew:
Age: 26
Career: he works full time at the ranch...known as the horse-whisperer
Stats: 6'0", really lean esp in the last year when he's lost too much weight from partying, green eyes

Personality: Matthew is the party guy. Normally, he's the happy one, the life of the party, but when Thomas died, something changed for him. He's not dealing well...drinking too much and experimenting with drugs...anything to mask the pain of loss.

Photo Credit: Kruse Images & Photography; Model: Adam Clark

Information about Andrew:
Age: 38
Career: Texas Ranger and lives/works at the ranch
Stats: 6'2", extremely muscular, arctic blue eyes

Personality: way too serious and stoic. He's been responsible for everyone else for over 20 years and it's taken its toll. It would do him a lot of good to get laid, and he's in for a hell of a surprise with more ways than one.

Photo Credit: Unknown (pinterest)

Information about Thomas:
Died a year ago, at the age of 28


There will be four full-length novels to release for the series:
1. Right By Your Side (Scott & Skye)
2. Finding You in the Crazy (Matthew & Ainslee)
3. Trust Me to Hold You (Jasper- Matthew's best friend & McKenna)
4. Searching for Indiscretion (Andrew & Emily)

And an m/m stand alone novel that truly isn't tied to the ranch, but you meet the characters in Right By Your Side, so it's loosely tied to the series:
1.5 Cruel Serendipity (Josh & KC)

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