Sunday, January 12, 2014

Re-adjusting my release schedule...

Hello, everyone! I hope that you all had a great holiday. We had a good one here, although judging by my house we're still celebrating. Yes, my tree is STILL up. I know, I should be ashamed to type that, but you's just a fact of my life now. I'm busy. Luckily my husband is understanding about it and knows how crazy my life is...although he did mention it this morning so I probably should do something about it soon...well, at least before Valentine's day.

What has had me so busy? Well, writing. Yay, but whoa am I feeling behind. I'll be honest with you guys....I screwed up here. I've been actively writing on two books the last few months...THROUGH THE VEIL and SNOWCROFT LOST. On one hand, that's good because TTV is 1st draft done while SCL will be at that point in two days. But because I wasn't concentrating on one or the other, it's going to mean that they both come out a little later than I had hoped...and that pushes ALL my releases for the year back.

And because I love my husband and family, I need to relieve some of the pressure here. So I've come to the hard decision to push the release of RIGHT BY YOUR SIDE to the fall. I know, I hate that too, but I think it's best so that I can make sure you all receive the best writing I'm capable of giving you.

So here's my tentative release schedule for 2014 (and remember, this is always subject to change. Maybe I'll surprise you and release early or throw another surprise for the year in there...hehe):

Snowcroft Lost - March, 2014

Through the Veil - May, 2014

Mudflap UnderCover - August, 2014

Right By Your Side - Fall, 2014


  1. Family first, then writing. I'm willing to wait to get your best, even though I'm really really looking forward to TTV AND SCL! :)

  2. Thanks, Kim! smiles...