Thursday, May 2, 2013

Had an amazing day yesterday!!


I don't tend to do too many personal posts on here, but I had to share today because I am feeling so incredibly blessed. Yesterday was an amazing day. Actually, the whole week has been incredible.

As you all know, the final full-length book in When the Mission Ends trilogy released this week, Operation: Endurance. Most of you know I've been incredibly nervous about the release of this book. The book is super-emotional and it took a LOT of work to get it to the point that it had the right balance. (HUGE kudos to my editors: Mia Downing and Sarah Negovetich who worked tirelessly with me to make sure I had it done right!!!) Well, so far the early reviews are amazing and it's such a huge relief. I love Chris & Julie and ALL of these characters. I needed this last book to be really good, but as an author, you hit a point where you can't tell anymore.

Not only have you all embraced the story, but the sales of it this week have surpassed even my hopes for it. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!! You have been so supportive and excited about these characters and books. It's overwhelming to me. THANK YOU!!

When I started out on this writing journey a year and a half ago, I was so lucky to find a group of local writing friends. I have learned so much through them and I've had so much fun out our Wednesday meetings. Well, last night they threw me a surprise book launch party. OMG!!! San Angelo Writers (SAW) are the BEST!!!
































Like I said, it's been a phenomenal week. I'm very lucky!!

And just a tiny little hint....NEXT week, I will be officially announcing the details on my next writing project. It's huge and I'm so excited to share it with you. That will probably be next Monday, so keep watching this space.

I'm also going to be doing some updating on the blog here with details about the upcoming series (yes, that's plural) that I have coming out. I have BIG PLANS for the next year and beyond and want you all to be aware of where all the projects are going. I love my job!!!

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