Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Announcing my next project: The Shadow of Mudflap

This is a project that started several months ago and I'm so excited about it.

Mudflap is a radio personality on KLLL (96.3) out of Lubbock, TX. We're second cousins and truly only know each other off of Facebook. I've never met him in person. A few months ago, he came to me with a project idea and things progressed from there. Here's a letter from Mudflap in his own words to let you know how this project began...
Each January, when starting out the year on my morning show with Jeff, Kelli, & Mudflap ( JKM), I come up with a crazy bit, for on air purposes,  that is entertaining, interesting and unique to our listening audience.      

Example of past Morning Show Bits:

**Another year it was the Mudflap Bobble head.

**One Year I came up with a perfume that was called O’duMudflap . 

**Another year it was My Own Mudflap T-Shirt Line

**Another year I wanted to touch all 50 States via Planes, Trains, Buses, & Automobiles

This year I wanted something different and shocking.  I wanted to try and write a Romance Novels.  And thus my journey begins.

When I first come up with an idea, I do my homework and come up with a plan on how I will accomplish this adventure.  Upon trying to figure out how a book is written and produced I realized I was way over my head and I needed help. 

 In this modern era of Social Media, staying in touch with family & friends as become a little easier.  I had been following a family member, my cousin, of whom I had never met before, but I knew she was a Romance writer.  I took a chance and messaged her, via Facebook, and it was then that we begin to talk & discuss with her about this book I wanted to write for the morning show and what was the process I needed to take on this project.

The journey still has a long 
ways to go, but I have thoroughly enjoyed helping and tagging along the way! Not only is this going to be a fantastic book & series to read, I have gotten to know a cousin who is extremely talented and pleasure to work with.  I feel like I have hit a home run, not only for my morning show, but I really feel like this will be a great book people will enjoy reading.


I’m extremely excited about where this project and anxious to see where this journey goes.



So, that's how the project began and it's definitely evolved along the way. Now, we're writing the book together. I do the bulk of the writing, Mudflap came up with the initial character list and we developed the story together. Every day when I write, I send the pages to MF and he sends me back feedback about what works and what doesn't, along with additional ideas about where the story can go.

I never imagined that I could write a book with someone else, but I think we've both been pleasantly surprised about how fabulous the process has been. We're both having a great time doing it...and driving our spouses crazy with all the texting back and forth.

So, do you want to hear more about the actual book???

Here's the Story Description:

To us, first responders are heroes. But for them, risking their lives is a normal, everyday thing.


Born the baby of the family, Mudflap has always had something to prove to emerge out of the shadows of his older siblings. He spent eight years as a Special Ops elite sniper and is now a firefighter. But at his heart, he’s just a normal West Texas good old boy who loves his beer, women and football, until the Department of Defense calls him up to say they need his skills again.


Shanae is a first responder of a different sort. She’s a trauma nurse who works on a medical evacuation helicopter team. But while she lives a life full of adrenaline every day, it’s just a cover for her real life, where she hides in the shadows and is secret agent, Shadowfox for the Lubbock Foxtrot Team (LiFT). She’s living the kind of life that most people think exists only in movies and books.

Working for two different branches of the government, Mudflap and Shanae are in a race against time and the terrorists who threaten the very heart of West Texas life, football. They’re working toward the same goal, but find themselves in a confrontation against each other and the lies they’ve each had to hide behind. Can love win out in the end or will the cost be each other and their very lives?

First responders are heroes every day, but this story tells the tale of when they become even more and find love along the way. The key is for them to stay alive so that they can complete their mission and just maybe live happily ever after.

On an ordinary day, they save lives. On an extraordinary day, they save the country.

Like I said, we are both really excited about where this project is going. So far, I'm loving writing the book (it's about 2/3 of the way done and I plan to have the first draft complete next week).

Even more exciting for both of us though is that...

ALL THE PROCEEDS from the sale of this book will be going to

the Lubbock Red Cross.


Details about the book and series:

Projected Release Date: mid-August, 2013

The series: if this first book goes well, we plan to release at least three more within the series (one a year). Those first three books will all follow Mudflap and Shanae, although side stories will develop with other characters. Although they are romantic suspense, the goal with these books is to focus on the adventure, suspense, and fun. They are supposed to be flat-out fun to read books.  (approx word count= 50,000 words)



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  1. Christi, this is really exciting news! Love hearing the story behind it, too. :)

  2. What a fun and sweet story about how this came to be. I can't wait to purchase and read it!