Monday, September 24, 2012

Updates for Monday...

Hello All!! I had such good intentions for blogging last week. It made my to-do list every single day. *sigh*  Yeah, I didn't do so well on my to-do lists last week.

Part of that is because I am deep into rewrites of Operation: Endeavor....and I will admit, that terrifies me.

A week and a half ago, I had a complete cohesive book. Now I have cut and spliced and inserted and deleted and I have no idea if it will ever recover. The only thing keeping me from hyperventilating every time I think about that is the fact that I have the old version still saved and safe on my hard drive...just in case what I'm doing to it is horrendous.

I'm really crossing my fingers that it's not horrendous. I'm also hoping to have it completely redone and finished (again) by Wednesday evening. Then the debate will be to hand it directly over to my editor? Or try to find a new beta reader who can look at it fresh (that didn't see the other version) to tell me, completely honestly, if the suspense line works? The pub date for this is still January, but I'm worried that I'm starting to push that, especially with the holidays coming which will affect all those cogs in the wheel (i.e. my publishing team...editor, proofreader, formatter, etc.) Every little step in the process has a person, who has a real life, involved and each of those little steps take anywhere from 2 days to 2-4 weeks to perform. *eeks* Today is all about not hyperventilating, right??


So, let's talk about what is going well...

Y'all really like Cassie and Jake. Yippee!!! Amazon sales are going really well. I am absolutely THRILLED and so THANKFUL to all of you that have helped me get the work out about my first book. I never even dreamed that it would do this well and that is completely thanks to all of you that have helped to spread the word.

BUT... and this is huge because it's so frustrating and I have no control over it. The book is still not up at B&N or Kobo. It is getting there....VERY....SLOWLY. I can follow the upload process and it is making's just taking 2-3 times the amount of time that it's supposed to. I have no idea why. It was uploaded by me (and met final approval by Smashwords who sends it out to everyone else)  August 30th. So, I don't know what to tell you except it is coming...sometime....

But in the meantime I do have some other links to give you about where the book and insider info about it has been shared over the last week:

Have a great week everyone!!!


  1. How about handing it back to some of the original beta readers to see what we think of the new suspense plot? *wink, wink* :)

  2. hehe...I'll probably do some of that too, Michelle, but unfortunately I've already ruined it for you aren't going to be able to look at it as objectively as I will need. ;o)

  3. I don't have a real life. I'm ready for you whenever you need me. :)

  4. <3 you, Sarah. I don't know how I'd do this without you. Psst, she's my {awesome} editor...

  5. First, I wish the hero from Endeavor would come and just lounge in my library, shirtless. I honestly would rather he clean my house, but I would take the lounging.

    Second, it does take time for B&N to load. About two weeks. All of my stuff starts out first at the publisher then amazon, and it pops up about 3 weeks later at the rest. Just think about your sales for next month!

    Third, you can do this! It will be even more amazing than Endgame. Have faith in your abilities.

  6. Mia...hehe....I've always said that about Colton....before I ever saw his cover. I <3 him!!! But yes, my cover designer did good with him!!! Thanks girly...your support means so much! smiles....

  7. Endeavor cannot come out soon enough! I loved Endgame and can't wait for the next two. Hurry!
    I'd be happy to "proof" your Endevor for you - wink, wink ;)
    Happy writing and good luck!

  8. Hehe...thanks Sandra. I'll let you know if I need you.... ;) Hopefully, the wait will be worth it. Thanks for dropping by. smiles...

  9. ColUmbia is an Ivy League college in New York City.
    ColOmbia is the famous drug cartel infested country in South America. I am a native Texan who just finished reading "Operation Endgame", and I flinched every time you used ColUmbia for the country, ColOmbia. I'm hopeful you correct this in the Kindle editions where I read it and try to fix the editions in other formats. I'm a graduate of UT/Austin, but I'm fairly certain people in TxTech and Lubbock know which spelling is correct for the country.

  10. Yep, you're right, Kaye. I got it wrong. Surprisingly enough, you're only the second person to point it out to me. Thanks for letting me know and for reading the book. smiles....