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Release Day for FOUND AT THE LIBRARY with a First Line Excerpt...

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I've said it before and I'll say it again...
This is my favorite book I've ever written!
Mac & Tommy both LOVE books. They just each show it in different ways. Mac writes books. Tommy creates art with them. I adore these guys and hope that you do, too.

So for today's First Line Friday, I thought I'd share an excerpt from when these guys meet again. These are really the first lines from the start of their romance (there is another meeting a couple of months before this, but this is the true start to their story.)

Found At the Library Excerpt
By Christi Snow

Tommy unlocked the door to his studio with his ass dragging. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d been so completely exhausted. But that didn’t matter. Ryder needed him. He was simply here to take a shower and grab some fresh clothes and food. He only had a forty-five minute window while they ran some tests, so he didn’t have time for the catnap he so desperately needed.
As he walked in, the studio phone rang, but he ignored it. He couldn’t think about work or his first real big break last night that he’d completely missed out on. That wasn’t important now.
Shower, feed Ampersand, and then food for him. That was all he had time for. He bound up the steps that led to his loft apartment and turned on the water in his bathroom. Ten minutes later, he almost felt human again. Wrapping a towel around his waist, he glanced in the mirror, and his bloodshot eyes stared back at him. He should probably shave, but maybe the dark stubble would detract from the dark circles under his eyes. Besides, he simply didn’t have time to do any more.
“Hello, is anyone here?”
Tommy stilled. Someone had come into the studio. Shit, did he leave the door unlocked? “Sorry, mate, we’re closed for the day,” he yelled back. “You’ll have to come back another time.”
The door down below shut as the customer left. He hated to turn someone away, especially right before Christmas, but he couldn’t do anything about it today. Maybe in a couple of days he would have time to hire someone to open the shop.
Digging through the piles of clothes on the floor, he looked for something clean that would make him look reputable enough to get a straight answer from the doctors. His torn, ink-splattered jeans and T-shirt yesterday hadn’t done him any favors, and he needed them to take him seriously.
He ran his hand over his face. Exhaustion pulled at him. How many hours had it been since he’d gotten any sleep? It had been at least two days since he’d found his brother, Ryder, possibly even three. He’d lost track somewhere along the way. But that’s what happened when a person found the only family they had left unconscious and dying from a drug overdose.
Finally, he located a dark pair of jeans that didn’t have stains or rips. That would have to do. Since he spent his life inside a studio that was about as dressy as he got. He figured the suit he bought for last night’s showing would be too much. Besides he’d bought that for something happy. To wear it now seemed like a travesty, and he didn’t want to do anything else to piss Lady Karma off today.
He dropped the towel and stuck one foot in the leg of the jeans when he heard movement behind him. He swung around, got tangled in the jeans, and crashed to the floor naked. He looked up into the eyes of the guy who’d been haunting his dreams for almost two months.
That tight ass, with high, muscular cheeks, was the first thing Mac saw when he entered the room in search of the artist. Then the whole, very fine, body turned and shifted. Mac’s nerves caught fire as he recognized that curly mop of hair. The look of complete surprise on the man’s face would have been humorous if it hadn’t precluded his hard tumble to the floor. This was the guy from the book sale. Tommy.
And he was naked.
So naked.
Mac knew he shouldn’t, but he looked. This man had a body that looked so much better than Mac had ever suspected...long lean muscles that were slightly defined, a nice dusting of chest hair, and nipples the color of his favorite candy caramels. Mac just thought insomnia had plagued him before. From now on, every time he closed his eyes, this vision would fill his mental picture. And wow, what a vision it was.
Despite being tall, Tommy’s long legs and limbs complemented his broad shoulders and hard chest that narrowed to his tapered waist. And there it was... holy cow, his cock was impressive, even in its completely relaxed state.
Mac tilted his head. Well, maybe not quite so relaxed as Tommy’s dick began to harden under Mac’s gaze.
“Hey, perv,” the man yelled as he tried to cover himself with his hands. “What the hell do you think you’re doing? Get the hell out of my loft. This is private property.”
Despite his hands shielding the member, Tommy’s cock hardened more. The sight gave Mac ideas...ideas he hadn’t had in years. When was the last time he’d had the urge to bottom?
But as he glanced up at the red-face of the beautiful man, Mac realized the guy was right. Damn, he was being a pervert. Mac turned his back to allow Tommy to untangle his long, muscular legs from his jeans in private.
“Sorry,” Mac said. “I wasn’t expecting you to be naked, and then I got overwhelmed by the sight of all that luscious skin of yours. You’re right, that was pervy of me and I apologize for it, but I’m assuming you’re Thomas Garrett.”
Clothing rustled behind him.
“Yeah, and who are you so I can give the right information when I call the police?”
Mac winced. Yeah, this wasn’t the way he wanted to start off this relationship...again.

I hope you all like it as much as I do.


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