Monday, October 5, 2015

Come BLAB with me Thurs for lunch!!

This Thursday I'm going to be doing a LIVE discussion!
When: Thurs, Oct 8th
Time: Noon (CST)

(That noise you just heard was the sound of my knees shaking.)

Please come join me so I have some friendly faces at the LIVE chat...
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I'll be honest, I'm a writer for a reason...

I'm completely and totally SOCIALLY AWKWARD!

So of course, I want you to come and witness my awkwardness...LOL.

But seriously, the only thing worse than being socially awkward is having the whole thing be more awkward because no one shows up. O.O

Luckily, I'm going to be there with the incredible authors behind SilverHart

Between the three of us, we have a lot of different series that we're writing. 

And we want to know...what do you think about series books?
Are you tired of them? 
Do you wish they came out more often? Less often?
Do you like the trend of serials?

Come talk to us and give us an opinion. Even if you've never read ANY of our books, it's going to be a lunch half-hour of talking about series and romantic suspense so it's sure to be fun. 

It will be more fun if you're there with us!!


And just as a quick reminder, this is all the series that I'm currently writing on:
1. Through The Veil 
(paranormal romantic suspense dystopian)
2. Snowcroft Men 
(male/male romantic suspense)
3. Male Model Chronicles 
(contemporary romance...with a touch of suspense)
4. Martin Ranch Series 
(romantic suspense)
5. Found Series 
(male/male contemporary romance)

And there are at least two other series that I'm actively writing on that I haven't told you all about yet. O.O I know...maybe there will be some scoop shared at the chat. Maybe, you never know.

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