Friday, August 14, 2015

First Line Friday...

First Line Friday

The idea is we'll all share 
(unedited) snippets from one of our current Works In Progress. Sometimes it will be the first line. Sometimes it will be a little excerpt. It will depend on what's inspiring me Thursday night. ;)

Today's first line is from the book I'm writing right now, Joshua, book #3 from the Male Model Chronicles series.

He was one lucky bastard.
As Joshua Scott Brown walked into the dressing room area behind the stage, he tried not to look as overwhelmed as he felt. Jesus. There were half naked, gorgeous women everywhere.

And here's the story description and Goodreads link for this book which will be releasing Oct/Nov timeframe...


December is the time for romance, twinkling lights, and roaring fires in the fireplace. It’s also time for the annual Holiday Fantasy Lingerie show. This year, the show has a masculine twist with the introduction of male models who were once soldiers. 

Joshua Scott Brown has made quite a name for himself as a male fitness model since he got out of the Air Force. But nothing prepares him for the media circus that occurs after he catches one of the female lingerie models during the live show, preventing her from a ten foot fall. Now the lingerie company wants to turn that media coverage into holiday profit by pairing him up romantically with the model. Unfortunately, he only has eyes for Autumn Layne, the publicist who keeps pushing him into another woman’s arms.

The third in a new series of novellas inspired by Shauna Kruse’s photography and her beautiful male models. 

The Male Model Chronicles.

Disclaimer: The Male Model Chronicles, a new fictional series, built around the real-life world of Kruse Images & Photography and the gorgeous male models that Shauna Kruse gets to immortalize in her photos. The heroes are real people who also happen to be male models, but every single other thing about the series is fiction.


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  1. Whee! I'm excited about this one. Although the cover model does look like my brother. Maybe HE should turn male model after he's finished the Air Force. HA.