Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Cover Reveal for Right By Your Side

A couple of months ago, 
Shauna Kruse announced that she was going 
to be shooting with Tyler White. 
Immediately, I knew he'd be the PERFECT Scott Martin. 
So I contacted her to set up a 
custom shoot for the cover of Right By Your Side.

They shot in California and the day was less than perfect. 

Pouring rain.

Which never happens there anymore. 

But they persevered and gave me a phenomenal cover shot.

A cover shot, in fact, that dictated the final scenes in the book. 

So, freaking perfect and I couldn't be happier about how this cover turned out.

(And I'm pretty excited with the story, too. It's with my editor right now.)

Title: Right By Your Side
Author: Christi Snow
Genre: Romantic Suspense (m/f)
Word Count: ~89,000 words

Cover Model: Tyler White 

Available: Mid-September

Goodreads link: Right By Your Side

Preorder links coming soon!!

Story Description:
Best Female Country Artist. Sold out world-wide tour. Record-setting album sales. It’s been a stellar year for Skye Taylor and it’s left her exhausted. All she wants to do is go home to Oklahoma, curl up in her little house, and veg out in pj’s with a pile of junk food. But when her tour bus crashes in the middle of West Texas, her priorities suddenly shift. Now she’s sitting bedside hoping her best friend and bodyguard, KC, survives.  

For Scott Martin, he simply wants this horrible year to end. After the murder of his brother, his family is falling apart. With one crisis after another pulling him back to the family ranch, he’s put way too many late night miles on his truck between his family home and Lubbock, where he works as a paramedic. When he comes upon the wrecked tour bus, he has no idea this is one emergency which will change his life forever.

Skye and Scott quickly form a friendship which hints at possibilities of more. But as these two dodge paparazzi, over-zealous label executives, and stalker fans, they soon discover that everything is easier when you have someone you trust RIGHT BY YOUR SIDE. And that becomes even more important when they discover the bus wreck wasn’t an accident…

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