Tuesday, June 23, 2020

***It's RELEASE DAY!***

It's release day...

Quickly Falling in Qatar is the final book in my Locating Love trilogy that falls within the Ticket to True Love world. I love all three of these books for different reasons, but Qatar will always be special just because I wrote it while my son was deployed there.

It's also special to me because it features a couple getting a second chance at love after their engagement fell apart nine years ago. It's also a return to my romantic suspense roots because the heroine is an FBI agent and the hero is an Air Force investigator. They are working undercover in Qatar trying to find out what happened to a missing Air Force lieutenant.

I hope you all have enjoyed this series and especially enjoy Mal and Petra's story.

Note: If you are a kindle unlimited reader, the entire series will be headed into the program within the next couple of weeks. For those non-kindle readers that means these books will only be available at all retailers for a very limited time...SO GRAB THEM NOW!
Nine years ago, Mal broke Petra's heart. Now, they’re undercover in a foreign country looking for a missing soldier—and they’re forced to pose as a couple in love. The problem...the lie may be closer to the truth than either one of them wants to admit.
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Jonah Walker is a floundering artist. Kalpani Desai is driven and goal-oriented. On the surface, they have nothing in common besides undeniable chemistry and a building they are at war over. But Xanadu is more than just a perfect location; when the property unites these two unlikely souls, it becomes a dream come true. 
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Sable has been on the run for a year to escape strangers bent on harming her. Just as she finally feels safe again, she meets Brett—an officer who will either be the ticket to her downfall...or her salvation.
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One magical New Year’s Eve in NYC... and then Conor disappeared. When Jordan finds him in Dublin again, the passion they share still burns bright—yet their worlds don’t mesh. They’ve lost eight years—what will they risk now for true love?
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Nick only wants one thing out of being his brother’s Best Man: Holly, the Maid of Honor. But the cute kindergarten teacher has put him firmly back on her 'just friends' list to protect her heart. But with a little True Springs Fountain Water and some wise words from an elderly relative, true love will find a way.
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Three Cousins,
One magical fountain...
Book #1, Amorous in Appleton, features a pop star hiding out in a small orchard in Pennsylvania, but she's about to be discovered.

Book #2, Falling Hard in Frisco, features a couple of hot-for-one-another architects who are vying for the same job...they just don't realize it.

Book #3, Quickly Falling in Qatar, features a couple who were once engaged. That all fell apart when she left him to join the FBI. Now her job has brought them back together as they search for a missing soldier in a foreign country.
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