Friday, September 8, 2017

No Friday Five, but...

No, there's not going to be a Friday Five post today, but I hope you all will forgive me when you find out why. I'm working 12-14 hour days right now.

1. Intertwined Hearts is getting final edits applied to it.
2. Snowcroft Restoration went to my editor...TODAY!
3. Found at the Jazz Club is at 25,000 words and only 6 scenes from the end.

I'm actively working on all three of these projects every single day. Lots of fun stuff still coming to you in 2017!! It just means long days of work for me right now.

I'll be back next week and maybe I'll have solid release dates ready for you for Intertwined Hearts (Snowcroft #3) and Snowcroft Restoration (Snowcroft #4). 

Getting stuff done!!

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