Friday, August 18, 2017

Friday Five...

All things KB Jacobs...

(you all remember that I'm half of KB Jacobs, right?)

So, today is a big day in the KB Jacobs world. 
We are revealing the cover and blurb for our next book, Crazy Love, book #1 in the Bookstore Love series.

Cover designer: Amanda Matthews (AM Design Studios)

Crazy Love

My name means chaos. My mother must have had a premonition when she named me, because my life has been far from normal. No one realizes the truth about me. But he sees more than he should...

Can a person have a mid-life crisis at twenty-three? Because I’m pretty sure I’m having one. This wasn’t the life I dreamed about. I settled. And now I’m questioning everything, most especially the conundrum who runs the bookstore. She wears sweater cardigans, but every once in a while I see a flash of ink.

I’m ready to rebel, and I’m thinking she might be the perfect partner to join me. If I can get her to stop arguing long enough to see the real me...

Book #1 in the Bookstore Love series.


And to celebrate our cover reveal, we have an extra little surprise for you. 

Book #1 in the Naked Brews series, 
Deliciously Smooth is FREE!


My friends know me. Last week, I had one of my lovely friends send me a link to a mug...knowing my love for mugs and French. I had to order it. (Here's the link to the gorgeous etsy store it came from....Paris Print Shop) The translation for the mug says, "I love this mostly because it's in French". LOL. I kind of adore it. And of course it was only fitting to take a pic of it with the French translations of my books...


Snowcroft news...

It finally happened. 

The first draft of Snowcroft Restoration is DONE! 

For those of you keeping track, this is book #4 and is Law's story. And no, you didn't miss #3, Intertwined Hearts. I should be getting that one back from the editor this week. Then they will be releasing back to back in Sept/Oct/Nov timeframe...I'm not sure on exact dates yet. It depends on how the editing goes. 

But last week, I also got covers for them. 

So, next back here and we'll do a big, double cover reveal for BOTH BOOKS!

And for those of you that love big books, you're going to be very happy. 
Intertwined Hearts is 128k before edits.
Snowcroft Restoration is 95k before any rewrites...
I figure it will be right at 100k when it goes to the editor. 


Cleaning house...
I see that raised eyebrow about cleaning making it to my Top Five, but I have a good reason. I've written three books in the last three months...and neglected my house so badly. It's literally a bad. So, my goal this weekend is to clean it from stem to stern.

But I have a secret weapon against cleaning and chores...

I listen to audiobooks. And if it's a REALLY good book, that means I get more chores done.
It's a win/win.

I haven't shared any of my planner pages lately so I thought it might be fun to share two of my favorite stamped images from this week...

You can see the my daily planner pages on my Instagram account... HERE.

That's it from me today. 
I hope everyone has a great weekend and has the chance to pick up a GREAT book!

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