Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday Five...Previewing Snowcroft

Tomorrow is April 1st. To most that means April Fools Day.
For writers that means the first day of the April Camp NaNoWriMo.

I have big plans. Writing 80,000 words in a month kind of big plans. 

Yes, you read that right. 
I'm hoping to write all of Snowcroft Restoration during April.
For those of you keeping track, this is finally Law's book!

But to get ready for that, I've had to delve into the 128,000 words that is Intertwined Hearts
^^^(that's the printed out version of the rough draft...460 pages!!!)^^^

Both Law and his hero (the main characters in Snowcroft Restoration) make an appearance in that one...and yes, it very much sets up their book. 

So I thought for today's Friday Five, we'd discuss the five main characters in these two books. 

Yes, I said five...because Intertwined Hearts is a menage (m/m/f)...and it starts with a day that drastically changes the lives of all three characters in the story...May 27th.

You all know Leigh as Jamie's younger sister (Jamie is Trevor's hero in Snowcroft Lost).

Leigh is not a girly girl. She grew up with her dad and big brother, running Vaughn Construction. Her life has been surrounded by men. As a result, she doesn't have a whole lot of traditional feminine skills. (The story of her sending the entire Vaughn Construction crew to the hospital with food poisoning is legendary around Snowcroft.)

But while she may not be feminine in the traditional sense, she does have all the necessary equipment to do something only a woman can do. She can have a baby...and that's how this story begins...with her volunteering to become a surrogate for Jamie and Trevor.

It's been years since she's had any kind of real romantic involvement and has pretty much given up on ever having kids of her own. Becoming the best aunt in the world is good enough for her. 

But of course, you know that fate is going to throw her for a loop. 

As soon as her body is not her own, she meets a man...well, actually two of them.

But that's a little more complex than it sounds.


You've met Hudson before, too. Hudson was Jamie's friend-with-benefits in Snowcroft Lost that lived in Austin. He's a chef and gay. But a horrific attack at his restaurant after hours leaves him floundering. He can't step foot in his kitchen anymore, so sells his restaurant which had been his dream...and life goes downhill from there.

Jamie brings Hudson to Snowcroft to recover and hopefully recuperate. After his trauma he can't stand to be around men without having flashbacks, so Hudson moves in with Leigh. She's pregnant and can't cook. Hudson is a chef and needs a woman's caring touch. Jamie is hoping that with him being at Leigh's and focusing on caring for someone else that Hudson will find some mental healing.

The final character in this new trio is a new character in Snowcroft. David was a police officer in Albuquerque who had his police partner turn on him. He can't stomach working for the big-city police force any longer, so he applies for the newly created police chiefs position. 

David is bi-sexual and has a bit of history with back to the day when his career in Albuquerque blew apart. And things progress from there...

And you all know Law. He's been in every Snowcroft book. In the first one, his life imploded and he's still dealing with the fallout from that...both professionally and personally. A former FBI agent, Law has a lot of ghosts haunting him, but maybe we can get his life straightened out in Snowcroft Restoration. The guy has been through the wringer. He deserves some happiness. It just may take a bit to get him there.

Do you really want to know who Law's hero is?
I'll give you a hint...
I honestly think he has more angst than Law does over what happened two years ago (at the end of Snowcroft Lost).

Any ideas?
Yes, you've met him before, but have never really gotten to know him. He hasn't had much page time...although that does change in Intertwined Hearts where he has a couple of significant scenes.

I will tell you before either of these guys can truly find happiness they're going to have to face what happened out there in the woods of Snowcroft, and it's not going to be easy. This promises to be an emotional book, but those always are the best kind, aren't they?

Are you getting excited yet?

I am. 

Maybe I can be convinced to share blurbs with you.

I think Intertwined Hearts has been shared, but Snowcroft Restoration hasn't been yet. 
How bad do you want to know who Law's hero is?

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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