Sunday, October 6, 2013


Hello, everyone!

I'm super-busy around here. Here's a run-down of all that's going on....

  1. WHEN LOVE INTRUDES is going through edits. It WILL be released this month!

  2. THROUGH THE VEIL is still in process. Ugh. There are moments when I adore that book and moments when I wonder if it will ever be truly ready for publication. LOL. I wrote the bulk of it in July, 2012, and my writing has grown so much since then so it's needing lots of rewriting and I still  have to finish it! I'm still hoping for a November release on it.

  3. I'm also prepping for my NaNoWriMo novel....a spin-off series that's intro-ed in WHEN LOVE INTRUDES. The first book is SNOWCROFT LOST and it will be m/m romantic suspense. I'm hoping to release it in Feb, 2014.

  4. Then, I have like five other books brewing/plotting in the back of my head for the future. My brain can be a chaotic place sometimes....LOL!

So, I mentioned something about a sneak peek didn't I??

Right now my newsletter list has 488 people on it. When it hits 500, I will share the prologue from WHEN LOVE INTRUDES  on here. And I'll give you a hint...the prologue is the scene at the end of OPERATION: ENDURANCE between Toni & Brian that we don't get to see.


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  1. Teresa Stirewalt (Tess)October 6, 2013 at 1:24 PM

    YAYA! I can't wait to dive into more of your books. I am especially crazy about your When the Mission Ends Series, I plan on purchasing them in print [soon as I have a job] as I only have them in kindle format. So that they can take a place of honor in my library.

    Hehe, your poor brain must feel like scrambled eggs all the time, scattered and kicking constantly. ;)