Thursday, August 8, 2013

Developing a Marketing Strategy with Amanda....

When it comes to being an author, there are some things I feel like I have a pretty good handle on. BUT there are some areas where I feel like I'm constantly floundering...managing my social media "stuff" is one of those areas where I feel like I'm drowning.

Amanda Shofner, The Path of Least Revision, is building a new online business and she ROCKS the social media side of the business so when she came to me to see if I'd be willing to test her new Author Marketing Strategies, I jumped on the opportunity!

OMG!! I have to admit, I honestly thought that I was doing pretty well, but I had high hopes for how she could "fix" me in the areas where I already knew I was lacking. But I got so much more than that from her. When it was all said and done, I had FOUR PAGES (see above photo) of specific suggestions on how to improve my website and online presence through the other social media markets. Some of the suggestions were big things, but so many were little details that I just missed but create such a better, overall presence as an author. Her suggestions were amazing.

Then I also got an hour long computer session with her where she answered my questions and even walked me through techno details on my computer/website that were giving me issues. Seriously y'all....I am so bad at the simplest little technology things, but she was able to walk me through things that would have taken me days to figure out on my own. This service she provides is fantastic...and such a bargain. Honestly, I told her to price it higher than she priced it because I got SO MUCH out of it. make a long story short. There are going to be a few changes on here and my other social medias. I don't think it will be anything huge that you all will notice...except for the fact that hopefully, things will be more organized and I will seem more accessible to you, my wonderful readers.

This fall is going to be amazing. I have tons happening and I hope you all will hang around for all the fun, prizes, and of course...BOOKS!!!

BTW, Amanda has all kinds of services she offers for authors and just normal bloggers. She also does copy editing and proofreading of manuscripts. Here are the links to all her social media.

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