Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ringing in the New Year with Goals

Happy New Year, everyone!
It's a time when we look back at the last year and look forward to the new year. 
So I thought this might be a good time to update my writing projects on here.

I have big plans for 2015!

I'll be the first to admit that I slacked off a bit in 2014.
I plan to fix that this year with a huge release schedule.

I'm kicking off 2 New Series this year:

1. Male Model Chronicles (contemp romance)
*Justin...releasing Jan
*Lance...releasing May
*Joshua...releasing Oct
(with at least 3 more books to come later)

2. The Broken Series (erotic romance)
*Broken Control...releasing Spring
(with 2 more books to come later)

3. The Martin Ranch Series (romantic suspense)
*Right By Your Side...releasing summer
(with 3 more books to come later)

I'm continuing 2 other series this year:

1. Men of Snowcroft (romantic suspense)
*Snowcroft Safehouse...releasing April
(with 3 more books to come later)

2. Through the Veil (paranormal dystopian romantic suspense)
*Allied in Flight...Fall
(with 6 more books to come later)

And then I have 2 stand-alones planned for release this year:

*Photo Op Serendipity (romantic suspense)...late summer/early fall
*Found at the Library (m/m holiday novella)...Oct/Nov

That's a lot of writing, editing, proofing, and re-writing. 
But I am determined this year to do better (i.e. not spend quite so much time reading...LOL)

And to kick the year off right, Amanda Shofner is going to host a January writing camp on her Writing Sidekick site. It will be a relaxed place for us to go, vent, and find support from other writers and kick the new year off right with writerly goals. 

If you're like me and looking for a kick in the ass to get your yearly writing off to the right start, come join us!!

(I will be hostessing writing sprints on Twitter every Wednesday at noon CST throughout the month.)

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