Thursday, June 11, 2020

Heads Up about coming changes...

This month's new release is the final book in the Locating Love series,
Quickly Falling in Qatar
releases June 23rd and is available for preorder NOW!

This book goes back to my military romance beginnings with a hint of light romantic suspense. It's also one of my favorite tropes...second chance at love.

Quickly Falling in Qatar story description:
Growing up, Mal’s single mother always put her career before her kids. As a result, he had very definite ideas of what he wanted in a family. That cost him the one thing he wanted most of all...Petra.

Nine years later, Petra has a good life as an FBI agent. She helps find missing people and has found her own semblance of peace. But that’s all thrown into chaos when her new assignment pairs her up with the ex she let slip away...Mal.

They’re undercover in a foreign country looking for a missing soldier, and worse—they’re forced to pose as a couple in love.

The problem...the lie may be closer to the truth than either one of them wants to admit, especially with so many hurts and secrets still standing between them.

Preorder Quickly Falling in Qatar
Purchase Amorous in Appleton
Purchase Falling Hard in Frisco
Here's the latest on what books are coming and going with Kindle Unlimited...

In KU right now:
  • Found at the Library (m/m) - out  of KU June 27
  • Found at the Bookstore (m/m) - out of KU June 27
  • Found at the Jazz Club (m/f) - out of KU June 27
  • Found at the Rock Concert (m/m/m) - out of KU June 28
  • Believe in the Wish (m/m) - out of KU Aug 3

Coming soon:
  • Amorous in Appleton (m/f) - into KU June 25
  • Falling Hard in Frisco (m/f) - into KU June 25
  • Quickly Falling in Qatar (m/f) - into KU July 1
Reminder: Whenever my books are not in the KU program, they will be available at most ebook retailers. I don't want anyone to miss out if a certain book isn't available on your preferred platform, so please watch these announcements closely each month as I plan to regularly rotate my books/series in and out of the program.  

Peace in the chaos...

I don't normally get personnel with my newsletters, but this month, I feel the need. Like so many, my husband lost his job in the last few months. He is the primary breadwinner in our family. (While I'm lucky to be able to write and sell books, it isn't enough income to support our household.) No doubt, it's been stressful, but it's also been really nice to have him home.

We've been having fun. We celebrate 28 years together this month, so I feel like it's saying something that we can have fun together. That's a gift.

The reality is that if he finds another job, it will probably not be in our hometown. The kid and I won't be moving with him. There are a host of reasons why, but the most important is our 13 yo who is in a really good environment right now. That is also an important gift especially at that age.

So, I'm trying to enjoy every minute with my husband and we've been doing that by watching a lot of Netflix/Amazon Prime. We've discovered some fun shows/movies, so I thought it might be fun to share our recommendations...
  • Our nightly fixation right now...
    • The Last Kingdom (television series on Netflix)...We're loving this show so far. (We're on season 2 of 4 out so far.) We lived in England for 2 years when hubby was in the Air Force, so it's fun to get to see a somewhat fictional version of how England came to be from the perspective of the middle 800's AD.
  • Movies we've recently enjoyed...
    • Mr. Right with Anna Kendrick (quirky and dark humor);
    • The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society (gorgeous, wonderful movie about a book club established during WWII to cover subterfuge in Europe);
    • SALT (an old Angelina Jolie movie, but we both LOVED it...lots of action and twists):
    • Late Night (Amazon original movie...was really pretty good and entertaining)
    • Extraction (Netflix movie starring Chris Hemsworth...we both really liked it although it's really violent)
  • Our escape from reality standbys...we have a couple of shows that we rewatch for escape...
    • Gilmore Girls;
    • Great British Baking Show;
I don't know if you've noticed, but I've been quiet on my social media channels for the last little bit. This was in no way because I don't care about what's happening in our world. In fact, it's the opposite. My heart is breaking, and has been slowly doing so for the last 3+ years.

There are so many voices out there that have good information, better than I could ever state. I've kept mine quiet so that the wisdom and knowledge of others could be heard.

But make no mistake...I care. I care so much, it hurts. A lot.
And I never want you to think that I don't.

These are my beliefs:
Black Lives Matter.
Science is Real.
Love is Love.
Women's Rights are Human Rights.
No Human is Illegal.
Kindness is Everything.

(Yes, I stole that from a poster, but I fully believe every word of it.)

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