Tuesday, March 24, 2020

All the news for this week PLUS a recommendation...

Are you hanging in there?

I get it. Believe me, I get it. Things are scary right now, but we've got this. The one thing that keeps me going is knowing that we're all in this together. The future is uncertain, but it's that way for the entire world so I have to believe that it's going to be okay...for all of us.

*positive thoughts*
Honestly, there is no better time to escape into a book (seriously, I will use any excuse I can to do this...even when the world is normal...LOL). And that's why I'm coming to you today with a recommendation. I love books that offer me a few hours of happy escape and this one is a good one for that!

My recommendation....

I've talked a lot about the Ticket To True Love titles (seriously, they're all so good!), but the one I'm featuring today is special because I was lucky enough to get to beta read this book for the author. AND it's one of my favorite tropes...second chance at love. SWOON!

Jeremy and Darcy are a couple with a history. They were together  (as friends and lovers) in college until Darcy disappeared, leaving Jeremy heartbroken with no clue what had gone wrong. This book takes place several years later when Darcy shows up offering a business proposition to Jeremy that he really can't afford to turn down.

The problem? He's still just as attracted to her as he ever was, but now he doesn't trust her.

Seriously...it's so good. I think I may need a reread soon!

Other recent Ticket to True Love releases...

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And all the news on my TTTL titles...

I just finished drafting the final book in my Locating Love series that falls in the Ticket to True Love series. Quickly Falling in Qatar features an Air Force Intelligence officer and the FBI agent who left him for her job. There is some MAJOR unfinished business between them...like the fact that they're still in love. (I mentioned I like second chance love stories, right?) Also this book goes back to my romantic suspense roots with a disappearance that the two are having to investigate.

Quickly Falling in Qatar will be out June 23. Preorder links aren't up yet, but I will let you know as soon as they are.

But in the meantime, the other two books in the cousins series are available. I love these three books so much. I hope you'll give them a chance. They are simply light, happy reads that are perfect for these difficult days.

Book #1, Amorous in Appleton, features a pop star hiding out in a small orchard in Pennsylvania, but she's about to be discovered.

Book #2, Falling Hard in Frisco, features a couple of hot-for-one-another architects who are vying for the same job...they just don't realize it.
Buy Amorous in Appleton
Buy Falling Hard in Frisco

And a quick reminder...

Both this sale (on the first three titles) and the availability of this series on other retailers is only going to last until 

***March 29***

Then the books will go back to regular price on Amazon and will be pulled from the other retailers.
Hopefully, it will only take a couple of weeks before they will then all go into Kindle Unlimited and be exclusive to Amazon.

I know this isn't ideal for everyone, but money is tight for a lot of us right now and I'm trying to do what's best financially for me as an author and my readers. My plan is to put the series wide again in 90 days, but that isn't set in stone. 
Universal retailer link to the whole FOUND SERIES

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