Friday, December 7, 2018

Five Announcements for this Friday Five...

Sorry, I've been quiet about a few things. I try to maintain transparency about what's happening, but this time life and truly not knowing definite timeframes have both contributed to late deadlines. 

So, let me update you about where everything is scheduled right now.

Tasty Love is releasing December 12th.
That's next Wednesday. 
Out of all the books that Sarah and I have written, this is my favorite. 
It's a second chance at love story and I adore the hero and the heroine. The a police detective at the Aspenridge PD. The the baker at Em-Dash (the local bookstore), but in high school, she was the cheerleader and he was the dorky brainy kid who never thought he had a chance. Then they fell in love...until life fell apart.

And the good news is that you can preorder it today!
Preorder Link
Found at the Rock Concert is delayed.
Every year at this time of the year, I release one of the Found series novels. This year that is supposed to be Found at the Rock Concert

Well, sadly that book is delayed. 
I'm sorry for the delay. 
It's complicated to write books with three main characters and life has been a little crazy this fall. BUT the good news is that it's coming soon...probably February. But I have to finish writing it first. It's at 55,000 words right now. I'd guess it's going to hit about 75k...or maybe more...eeps. 
(three main characters=lots of character dynamics and arcs that have to be resolved)

Story Description
A wounded rock star, a bodyguard, and a CEO get trapped in a snowed-in cabin...

It sounds like the beginning of a joke, but it’s not. This is the start of an epic love story between three men. Three men who have a history twined together with encounters and impressions that have marked their years.

They just never realized how all those brief encounters would eventually change their lives forever.

Daniel, the rock star who survived a plane crash who’s trying to figure out how to live his life without his legs.

Luke, the bodyguard who made so many mistakes and now thinks he doesn’t deserve the man he’s loved for years.

Austin, the CEO who thinks he’s on the outside pulling the strings, but what he doesn’t realize is without him at the core, this relationship will never work...for any of them.

Three men, one snowy winter cabin, one epic love story waiting to be discovered...
My review blog is shutting down.

I'm still surprised when I find out that people don't know 
I have a review blog called Smitten with Reading

Before I ever started writing fiction, I was a book review blogger. 
Smitten with Reading started officially in December 2010. 
Well, December 2018 will be its last. I'm shutting it down. 

It's just gotten to be too much. Writing and formatting official reviews takes a lot of time (minimum of an hour or two for each book and that's not counting the time it takes to read the books). 

But I'm so proud of what I did over there.
There are 3554 published posts.
At least 98 or 99% of those are reviews. 

That's a lot of work and I did almost all of it myself (I had a handful of guest reviews over the years, but easily less than ten).

And while I'm sad to be ending it, I also have this huge sense of freedom. I'm reading whatever I want when I want. I share the books that I've LOVED and nothing else.

There's so much freedom in that!
No worries...I'll still be reading just as much as before (actually probably more now because of the time I've freed up) and I'll tell you all when I read a phenomenal book.

More about that below...

But I still will be recommending books.
You know I'm not going to stop reading books. 
That's an addiction I refuse to recover from!

But from now on I  will only be sharing the books that I found to be excellent...A or A+ ratings only. And my reviews will be very abbreviated...just a few sentences to say concisely about exactly why I loved the book and recommend it.

You will find those recommendations mainly by following me on Bookbub.
You can check out my profile to see what books I've been recommending this month for a sample of how I'll be recommending from here on out. (Although warning: a few of my recommendations on there like My Favorite Half Night Stand and Rough Trade are my pro reviews because I already had them written for my blog.)

You can also follow me on  Goodreads. 
There I will be tracking every book I read...I just won't post reviews for the ones that weren't books that I recommend. (Again...note...I'll only recommend books that are 5-star reads or phenomenal in some way. I read a ton of really good books that are 4 star ratings...those are still good books...just not the best of the best (in my opinion).)

Follow me on Goodreads and Bookbub.

Looking forward to 2019...
And I know that I haven't even finished with 2018 releases, but I have been working hard behind the scenes on books for 2019 release. (Two of 2019 releases are already written...they're just awaiting editing.)

So, here's a tentative 2019 release schedule...
*Found at the Rock Concert (mmm)

*Play It Again series 
1. Sweet Disaster (mf)
2. Disenchanted Hearts (mf)
3. Recovering Hope (mf)
(three standalone series books that I will be telling you about SOON...because I'm so excited for these books to release. They're so good! Sports m/f)...there may also be a novella or two and I'm thinking this will have an m/m spinoff series (tentatively titled Caught in the Closet series)

*Firefly Magic...
my first young adult book written specifically at my daughter's request...but gah, I ADORE this book (it's also almost finished already...I've promised her that I'll have it done this month)

*Photo Op Serendipity (book #2 in NM Protectors series)

That's my news for now. Watch this space next week for more information and behind the scenes glimpses into the world of Tasty Love.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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