Wednesday, September 12, 2018

***Surprise RELEASE*** Welcome to Aspenridge, Colorado...

I've been keeping a secret. 
Most of you already knew I was 1/2 of KB Jacobs, but no one knew who the other half was. 
Well, it's no longer a secret. 
We're exposing her identity by re-releasing all our original books AND bringing out two more before the end of 2018. 

So, let me introduce you to Sarah Nego...

Sarah Nego had the great fortune to win 5th place at a regional writing competition back in the 8th grade. This naturally propelled her to get a degree in public relations. Neither of which makes her qualified to write books. Nevertheless...she persisted.

She lives in Texas with her husband, two mini humans (which she grew herself), and a rotating supply of identical goldfish (which she did not grow herself). Sometimes she sings and dances onstage, because why not.

Sarah writes books without steamy scenes under the name Sarah Negovetich. You can find out more about her and all her books at 

And now let me introduce you to our world...

Aspenridge Colorado is a (fictional) old mining town set in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. It was founded in the 1850's when gold was discovered in the Aspen River

Set at 9750 feet elevation, it's a year-round outdoor playground with an average high temperature of 70* in the summer and an average low temperature of 0* in the winter.

Summer brings hiking, camping in the forest as well as kayaking down the river. Aspen Lake features an old-fashioned vibe with its historical grandstand (where bands will play on summer nights), classic playground equipment like seesaws and merry-go-rounds as well as paddle boats for rent on the lake.

In the winter, all the activity centers around The Edge the base for the Ski Aspenridge Mountain, which is the home for several world-class ski and snowboarding competitions. The Edge also has a high-ropes course, one of the worlds largest slides, and outdoor putt-putt in the summer.

But Aspenridge isn't all about play. Featuring a four-year liberal arts college, the town is a destination for a few thousand young minds who attend Goldmont College every year.

Many of those students like to visit Em-Dash, the local bookstore. The store's book club is particularly notable because it coincidentally occurs at the same time that the fire station across the street has scheduled to wash their fire trucks every week. 

No,'s totally coincidental. You know, just because the firefighters in Aspenridge are cut like Greek Gods has nothing to do with it. Really. No, seriously...

It's all innocent. In Aspenridge, we protect all our young minds. They don't need the distractions that come from carnal lust like that (ahem...even if it does provide some excellent creative fodder for a certain New Adult romance author duo). 

There are many other eclectic and fun businesses to visit in Aspenridge. I won't bore you with a listing of all of them, but be assured the town will provide us with YEARS of excellent stories to come. We already have the next several series plotted out, so we hope you love our little mountain town as much as we do. 

The heroes are sexy, the heroines feisty, and we hope their stories promise keep you up long past your bedtime.

But the best place to start learning about this incredible small town is in Smooth, the first book in the Naked Brews series.
Wait a minute...I forgot to tell you about the most important business to know about right now...Naked Brews
Naked Brews is a craft brewery located in Aspenridge, Colorado. It was started twenty years ago by Pat O'Brien. What began as a hobby in Pat's garage turned into a hometown success story with the brewery and pub now run by his daughter, Lake O'Brien.

Well...kind of a success story. Everyone agrees...they do make excellent beer. It's just that Lake never planned on taking over the company this early. The sudden death of her father has made it so things are a little rocky around the Naked Brews...but that's a tale for the series. 
You know you want to hear more, right?

Well, Smooth released TODAY!!

The plan had always been finish college, move back to Colorado, and run Naked Brews with her dad. That plan fell apart when Lake's dad died and his ex-wife, AKA the absent maternal figure, inherited the brewery. Now Lake will have to convince her perfectionist mom not to sell the place, sweet talk the bank into a loan she has no credit for, and figure out how to turn the failing brewery into a success. No problem.

The job should be simple. Pretend to be his millionaire best friend, buy a failing brewery, and honor their fallen brother-in-arms. But simple went down the drain the minute he met the sassy new brewery manager. Now he's stuck between a loud-mouth sarcasm factory and her mom. He'd prefer to be trapped between Lake and a soft bed, but he swore he wouldn't sleep with the brewery owner. Though technically she doesn't own the brewery...

Naked Brews
They both want to buy the same brewery and ignore the chemistry brewing between them. What could possibly go wrong?

This book was previously published as Deliciously Smooth by KB Jacobs (a pseudonym used by Sarah Nego and Christi Snow).

Purchase Links:
Barnes and Noble 
(which for some reason has my name as Christi Christi)
eeks...I forgot. 
Want to get to know Walsh and Lake before spending money? 
We have a freebie prequel novella, Unprepared, that you can get...HERE.

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