Friday, August 3, 2018

Friday Five...

Something Cool...
I discovered something fun recently on Goodreads. When you're looking at "My Books" page there is a column on the left hand side. One of the options over there is a list of your "Most Read Authors". It was so cool to see this list...(and hey, what do you know? I'm #3...LOL. I wonder if I'm caught up on all my books). I'll admit, while I absolutely adore every author on my list, I was surprised at how high some of them were. It was really fun to look through.

authorbooks read
18716Susan Mallery43
222370Jill Shalvis38
35849322Christi Snow37
43185029L.A. Witt36
596909Shiloh Walker28
56969772Lauren Layne28
732638Suzanne Brockmann25
82503028Molly Harper23
9107767Robyn Carr22
105893561Garrett Leigh20
11149808Shannon Stacey19
125304118A.M. Arthur18
126477494Annabeth Albert18
141365301Mari Carr16
141563059Katie Reus16
146950682Sawyer Bennett16
144430Sherrilyn Kenyon16
147257189Kelly Apple16
192771724Kelly Jamieson15
196556689Christina Lauren15
1940563Patricia Briggs15
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I am VERY active on there as a reader...updating my reviews almost daily. 
Here's my profile link...Christi Snow.

And speaking of fun books...

This is a book that I saw someone post about on Facebook a couple of weeks ago, and being the addicted bookophile that I am...I had to order a copy for myself. 


This book is incredible. I honestly believe every family member should have a copy in their house. (I'm ordering one for every member in my family.) 

It's perfect for finding an adventure or something to explore for the day. The book is a workbook, with double ribbon bookmarks and at least 100 prompts (I'm estimating that number) on how to find adventure for the day. They range from things like going on a photo scavenger hunt to friend adventure to going on a food explore.

I don't know the author and don't have affiliate links. I just think it's a super-cool book. Go check it out...Find Your Adventure Journal on Amazon.

Trying something new...a bit of a flashback.

I have a lot of books out at this point in my career...29 right now. And I'm awful about writing them, releasing them, and then moving on...although my readers are finding new books of mine they hadn't discovered every day. 

As a result, I've decided I'm going to focus on one of my backlist books every week. This week, I've been focused on Operation: very first release. 

There's also an excerpt on my blog from Thursday. You can find it HERE.

Some favorite new treasures from vacation...
Like anyone else, I love to get little treasures when I travel because then those items are tied to the memories of the trip. Our vacation to Denver appropriately had more of an office supply tie (for my memorabilia) which seemed appropriate since the reason for the trip originally was for my writer's conference.

***Pilot Iroshizuku Ajisai (hydrangea bottled ink)

I love all my new little treasures.

Remembering Granddad
Today would have been my grandfather's 95th birthday, but he died a couple of months ago. Tomorrow is his memorial service, so he's been on my mind the last few weeks/months.

My granddad was one of those guys. One of the perfect ones. He and my grandmother were married for over 50 years. Until her death 19 years ago, granddad was always there supporting her. She was the talkative, vivacious one in their coupling...and we all worried about what would happen to him when she died...and then we really got to know the mischievous flirt who drove the women's clubs to town, the guy everyone in town could count on to help out, the guy who spent his evenings out in the cemetery gardening and beautifying it. 

As a child I remember that he always had lifesaver 5-packs in his pocket whenever any of the grandkids came around. He was quiet, but he was always there with a jovial laugh and a smile.

I miss him.

Right now I'm writing a series that has an elderly man in it, Walter. I've patterned a lot of Walter after my grandfather.

Two weeks before my grandfather died, he fell and broke his hip. After surgery, my mom stayed in his hospital room with him to help care for him. She talked about how he would wake up cursing because of the pain, not realizing she was in the room. Then he apologized because that's not how a man should speak in front of a woman. 

To me, that epitomizes my grandfather. He was a gentle man and a gentleman who came from a different era, but he was a wonderful man, father, and grandfather. 

They don't make them like him anymore.

I love you, Granddad.

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