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It's COVER REVEAL day for my Friday Five...

Let's get right to it...

When Love Comes Back
Cover Designer: Amanda Matthews (AMDesignStudios)
Cover Photographer: CJC Photography
Cover Model: Mike Ryann

When Love Comes Back Story Blurb:

He was her biggest mistake.

She was his biggest regret.

Once upon a time Felicia Parks and Gage Winston were each other’s everything. But one drunken night, Gage ruined it all and broke Felicia’s heart.

That was a long time ago and they’ve both moved on, never expecting to see one another again.

But as the new wing commander at the local Air Force base, Gage finds something on this assignment that he never expected...his first love.

The problem...she’s in love with someone else.

Fate can be a lover’s best friend, but karma can be a vengeful enemy....

And a dangerous obsession threatens it all.

Release Date: March 23, 2018

How does this book fit into the series?
Simply really doesn't. 
You absolutely do NOT have to have read the first four books in this series to read this book. While Felicia Parks, the heroine, was introduced in book #4, When Love Intrudes, the events of that book don't affect the story of this book at all. And she's the only character that you will know from the previous books in the series.

So, why is this book #5?

1. Because Felicia was introduced in book #4, When Love Intrudes.

2. Because the story fits the theme of the original series. Gage is an Air Force officer taking over as the wing commander at the local Air Force base. He's at the end of his career and making decisions about his life now that his mission is ending (When the Mission Ends).

3. You will see familiar locales... Terravista and Snowcroft, NM...both locations have played heavily into the Men of Snowcroft series which was a spinoff series from this When the Mission Ends series originally. Again, that series is also not specifically tied to this story line though.

4. This book has the same style of sizzling romantic suspense that the series has always featured.

Who are the characters?
Felicia Parks
This is a character who was inspired by a real-life friend of mine. Felicia (the real one) is a huge proponent for animals. As a result, my fictional Felicia is a veterinarian. She met Gage when she was in veterinary school in Oklahoma, when he was in pilot training. He broke her heart two years later.

Gage Winston
Is the new wing commander at Vandeman AFB in Terravista, NM. He's navigating a lot of changes in his life...suddenly living with teenage twins, a new command and all the politics involved with that, oh, and dealing with the surprise appearance of his first love, who he never got over. 

The problem...Felicia is in love with Steven and the two of them are on the verge of taking their relationship to the next level...until Gage shows up.

Want an unedited sneak peek??
“Okay.” He ran his hand down Ralph’s side.
His hands had aged, but they were still the long fingers of the boy she once knew. His forefinger still had the scar from where she’d accidentally slammed his finger in the door on their second date. That date had ended with him getting six stitches and her more than halfway in love with him.
Her throat tightened at the memory.
“Doc?” He touched her arm and the skin beneath his fingertips electrified.
She looked up into his warm, cautious eyes and wanted to weep for no good reason. She’d cried all the tears over this man that she ever planned to.
“You really do look gorgeous.” His voice sounded low and intimate. “Time has served you well.”
A throat cleared from the doorway. Steven frowned at them.
She stepped away from Gage’s reach. “Steven, I think Gage and his kids are going to leave.” She needed to keep reminding herself of that. He had kids and a whole other life now that had nothing to do with her. And somewhere, those kids had a mother. “Are they still in my office?”
Steven’s gaze shifted between the two of them. “Um, no, they’re back in the break room watching T.V.” He approached the two of them, putting his hand proprietarily around Felicia’s waist while also lifting his other hand out to Gage to shake. “I probably should introduce myself, Colonel Winston. I’m Major Steven Hardesty. I’m your Aircraft Maintenance Squadron commander. Welcome to Vandeman, sir.”
Oh, hell. Steven introducing himself like Gage was someone high ranking on the base. Felicia knew some of the military hierarchy from when she had dated Gage before, but so far, Steven had mostly kept her out of that side of his life.
Actually this week was the first formal event they planned to attend on base. Some sort of dinner party for the incoming wing commander.
Oh my god.
Felicia’s limbs felt a little weak as her mouth dropped open in realization. If that new wing commander were Gage, that meant he would be Steven’s boss. No, that wouldn’t be all. Felicia swallowed her groan.
“Thank you,” Gage said. “It’s good to be here, although this wasn’t how I hoped to come into town.” Gage glanced worriedly over at the family dog again.
“Felicia’s the best vet in town.” Steven ran his hand up her spine and brushed it across the exposed side of her neck.
Gage’s jaw tightened as he watched the intimate gesture.
”Your dog is in good hands,” Steven continued as he beamed at her with pride.
Gage chuckled, a sound more mocking than jovial. “Yeah, of that, I have no doubt. Felicia always took care of animals better than anything else.” His jaw clenched. “I have to go.” Gage pulled a business card out of his wallet. “This has my cell phone number on it. Please call me if there’s any change with Ralph. Otherwise, we’ll be back tomorrow.” With that Gage strode out of the room.
Felicia slumped against the exam table and quickly went to examining Ralph again and avoided Steven’s searching gaze. He stayed completely quiet and left her to work until the sound of the front door closing behind the Winston family echoed through the empty clinic.
“I think we might need to talk. Want to tell me about your history with my new wing commander?”

So, who's ready to read??

I'm so excited about this book. I love this story, and I'm really hoping that you all do, too.

Have a great weekend, everyone! 
I hope you're reading something fun.

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