Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday Five for Feb 24th...

Sharing a new release...

I haven't shared a whole lot about it here, but 8 months ago I was chosen to work in an Apprentice program through Sterling & Stone (the Self Publishing Podcast guys). It's been an incredible experience, and one of my fellow apprentices is Lori Ryan. 

She traditionally writes romantic suspense, but for her Apprentice project, she went toward a more police procedural route. You all know I'm a serious sucker for a man in uniform (like a whole lot of you...hehe) so I'm super stoked to read this book. It's waiting for me on my kindle whenever I get a break in my schedule. 

In the meantime, I thought some of you all might be interested in it. The story sounds fantastic...and I adore that cover.

When lives and hearts are on the line
When Cal Rylan’s partner is caught in the crossfire of a vigilante sniper, he's forced to partner with FBI Special Agent Eve Sands to stop the killer before any more innocent bystanders are hit. As they get closer to the truth, the stakes get higher, both in the case and in their hearts. Cal's biggest fear is that he'll have to watch another of his partner's fall to the sniper's bullet. And that's just not something he can go through again. Especially not when that partner is Eve, a woman who is quickly working her way into his heart, his soul.
NY Times Bestselling Author, Lori Ryan, takes readers on a breakneck speed adventure ride in the first book in this spin off from her bestselling Sutton Capital Series. Don't miss this one!
You can find the first chapter and links to buy on Lori Ryan's website....HERE.


Office Supply Porn...
I can admit it....I have an office supply problem. As a result, I really limit how often I can go into office supply stores. But lately one of my other weak areas has been sabotaging me....Target.

Has anyone else noticed lately that the Target dollar spot area is almost completely office supplies??

How am I supposed to resist?
It's all so cheap...
and office supplies...

This is my haul just from my last two trips to Target.
I might have a new problem and need an intervention to keep me away from the dollar spot.

But did you see how pretty that glitter tape is?
It's only $1.

times 20 or 30.

Upcoming Movie...
Okay, earlier this week, Kat and I were totally drooling over this movie trailer. It looks so, so good.
Then...irony...Jacob wrote to me and asked if I'd seen the trailer yet. 
Yeah, I've trained my kids to like the same type of movies as me.
Have you all seen the trailer yet?

From what I understand the movie is based upon the book. 

Has anyone read this one? If so, tell me...will this movie shred me like it looks like it might?


Favorite read from last week...

This is a book I read for review and the story just really resonated with me. Tons of angst and emotion. I truly loved it. It's a New Adult romance set in college and it just hit me in all the emotional checkboxes that I love.

You can read my full review of it HERE.

Good News...
I think I'm going to finish writing the first draft of FOUND AT THE BOOKSTORE today...I think. Right now it's at right under 82,000 words. I predict it will need about another 5,000 before I type THE END. But that's doable for today. Cross your fingers for me...

That's it from me today.
Have a great weekend, everyone.

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