Tuesday, March 8, 2016

So, here's the deal...

Allied In Flight is ready to go. It's been through both editors and all it lacks is proofreading.

The thing is...both my editors agree... it can be better.

So, I've decided not to publish it...yet.

I have a new ending to write for it that will add another 12-15,000 words to the already existing story.

Originally, I'd planned on releasing it March 24th. I'm still shooting to as close to that as I can get, but I'm not going to release it until it's truly ready...and I'm not sure when that will be.

I'm sorry. I hate delaying it. But I want  you to get the best story I possibly can.

I'll try to keep you informed about when that will be.


  1. You're amazing to begin with and this shows even more how much you put, not only into your stories, but your readers. Love you girl!!

  2. Impressed by your honesty and caring for your readers.
    The cover image is great! Readers might tired (hopefully soon) of these washboard abs on 90% of the covers in this genre.