Friday, February 19, 2016

First Line Friday: Aaron and Bethany in Through the Veil

First Line Friday

The idea is we'll all share 
(unedited) snippets from one of our 
current Works In Progress or a previous release. 
Sometimes it will be the first line. 
Sometimes it will be a little excerpt. 
It will depend on what's inspiring me Thursday night. ;)

Today I'm sharing another first line from Through the Veil. This book is the first of an 8-book series that takes place in a dystopian future world where the United States has been split into two different countries separated by an impenetrable barrier, called the Veil. On the Western side of the Veil, a woman named Bethany became the leader. She's the heroine in book #3, Rejecting Destiny. Her hero is Aaron, the leader of the Warriors, the law enforcement branch of the WS. 

They have a great first scene in Through the Veil. Since I just sent their book off to my beta readers (yep, #3 will be out in April), I thought it might be fun to share their first lines on the page. These two have had a relationship for twenty years and I love them together, even when they don't agree.

(For the complete story descriptions of books #2 and #3, you can check out the Coming Soon page...HERE)

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This week that redesign released at 
an all new low price of $.99 for the ebook

58 years ago a gorge opened up from Mobile, AL to Quebec City, Canada to split the United States into the Western States (WS) and the Eastern States (ES).
40 years later a fog rolled in on the WS that they called the Veil. Within twelve hours it formed an impenetrable wall between the two sides.
It’s been 18 years since anyone has known what’s happening on the other side of the Veil.
Now, Lori, an Other, in a desperate attempt at escape from the ES’s torture and experimentation, has crossed the Veil and found a world beyond belief.
Marcus is a Warrior, but when Lori collapses at his feet wounded and exhausted, he knows he has to protect her. But seeing that she’s the first person he’s seen in 18 years without wings, he’s worried about what her appearance means for his people and the world they’ve created since the Veil fell.
Two new societies: one built on a respect for the natural order of nature and the world, the other built on mistrust and corruption. Can they learn to co-exist once again?



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