Friday, November 6, 2015

First Line Friday...Allied in Flight

First Line Friday

The idea is we'll all share 
(unedited) snippets from one of our 
current Works In Progress or a previous release. 
Sometimes it will be the first line. 
Sometimes it will be a little excerpt. 
It will depend on what's inspiring me Thursday night. ;)

For NaNoWriMo, this month is all about the Through the Veil series. I'm planning to write books #2 AND #3 this month. So for those of you that have been waiting for Griff's fate...he's coming and here's a tiny peek from his book, Allied in Flight

The first line of the book...

I don't have a cover to share for this book yet. (Keep watching this space though because I have some really fun announcements about that coming up.) 

In the meantime, would you be interested in reading the back cover blurb??? 

Here it is...

A rescue gone wrong.

It was supposed to be simple. Four members from the Western States planned to sneak into the Eastern States to free four condemned Others. But when they arrived at the experimental labs where the Others were being held, it was under attack from Rebel forces.

Griff Hughes had one job...

He had to find Shar, a wounded hawk shifter. But in the ensuing chaos, he became a captive instead of a rescuer. Three days later he awakes in his own cage, alone. But during the nights, he’s not alone. An alluring redhead with a siren’s call visits his dreams, and his resistance is breaking down.

Shar McIntire is just trying to survive.

After three years in captivity, Shar has one goal...keep her and her sister alive. To do so means cooperating with the evil doctors who want her to seduce and manipulate Griff.  She likes and is drawn to the man with the strange chocolate wings, but she can’t let that attraction distract her. Savannah’s fate is in her hands.

In the last eighteen years, life hasn’t been easy for anyone.

The WS and the ES have been separate entities, but once the Veil was crossed, things began to evolve. It’s a new world, but that doesn’t mean things are going to get any easier in the near future.


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