Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Releasing Sept 25 and up for Pre-order!


 This book has been a labor of love for me the last two years and I am so freaking excited that it's almost time to have it in your hands...just a few more weeks. My beta readers and proofreader have been raving about it. If you all like it even half as much as they have, then we're gonna be good! ;o)

Between now and the release date, I'll be sharing more about how this story came to be, but in the meantime, here's the story description and the Amazon pre-order link.

By the way, this is a new genre for me, if you couldn't tell by the cover. I classify it as Paranormal Dystopian Romantic about that for a mouthful? It has the same levels of romance, adventure, and humor that my normal books addition to a super-sexy group of winged Warriors and some Others who need their help desperately. They all just happen to live in a world that has diverged from ours. Basically it's set 58 years into the future after something world-changing has happened to the earth.

Through the Veil Story Description:

58 years ago a gorge opened up from Mobile, AL to Quebec City, Canada to split the United States into the Western States (WS) and the Eastern States (ES).

40 years later, a fog rolled in on the WS that they called the Veil. Within twelve hours it formed an impenetrable wall between the two sides.

It’s been 18 years since anyone has known what’s happening on the other side of the Veil.

Now, Lori, an Other, in a desperate attempt at escape from the ES’s torture and experimentation, has crossed the Veil and found a world beyond belief.

Marcus is a Warrior, but when Lori collapses at his feet wounded and exhausted, he knows he has to protect her. But seeing that she’s the first person he’s seen in 18 years without wings, he’s worried about what her appearance means for his people and the world they’ve created since the Veil fell.

Two new societies: one built on a respect for the natural order of nature and the world, the other built on mistrust and corruption. Can they learn to co-exist once again?


This book releases Sept 25th,

but you can pre-order it through Amazon now.

Pre-order link for the ebook.

Only $2.99

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