Sunday, May 19, 2013

A dream...

My husband and I have been married for 21 years. For the first 18 years of that, I was following him around the world in the Air Force. When you are a military family, you move every 2-3 years and the Air Force  pays for that long as you stay within a certain weight limits on your household goods. As a result, for the first 18 years of our marriage, I kept my paperback/romance collection to a single box. That's like 30 books.


I mean seriously...30 books?!?!

So when we moved to Texas and our forever house, I made NO SECRET that I planned to buy as many books as I wanted to build up my library. hehe....


Here's a view of two of my READ series drawers....

























Things may have gotten just a little out of control over the last three years. Here's part of my current print TBR....









and some more of my current TBR pile....












These last two photos are READ books at least, but I think you can see my problem. I'm a disorganized mess and there's nothing I want more than to be able to go to my bookcase and know in an instant if I have a book or not.

So today, I went out and spent a minor fortune on bookcases.

Honestly, this is the first splurge (besides my super-duper really nifty cell phone) that I've spent on me since I started making money as a writer. It seems somehow appropriate that I do so buying bookcases.

So I bought a whole slew of new bookcases and plan to turn a corner of our bedroom (yes, my bedroom is MASSIVE) into a huge reading corner. I have big plans and think that it's going to turn out gorgeous and cozy. That's the way it looks in my head anyway and things ALWAYS turn out the way that they look in my!

I also made this huge plan without consulting hubby. Yeah, I know...technically, he lives in the bedroom too, but he would just rain on my parade if I asked, so.... Yeah, say a little prayer for me because I'm probably in trouble. hehe. Maybe I can ease the pain when I buy him the huge new flatscreen he's been wanting to put in there.

Furniture delivery comes on the 28th so I will share after photos. I hope that they are epic! Well, as epic as you can get in a bedroom stuck in the 80's with teal carpet and a wallpaper border. Yeah, I know...see that's what dh would have said too, but I'm sorry....bookcases are just way more fun (to me) than replacing the flooring which is what he would have done. ;o)

If y'all keep buying my books, maybe someday I can do that part of it too. Hehe. Love you all!! Thank you for all the support so I could purchase my dream bookcases!!!




  1. I love the before pictures, Christi, and the story that goes with them.

    Also? Super proud/excited/happy for you that your new bookcases have come from money you made writing. That is truly something worth celebrating.

    Look forward to seeing the after pictures! :D

  2. I can't wait to see the pictures!

    Plus just tell him that the area you live in is at least 20 years behind fashion wise so the bedroom is perfectly fashionable LOL :)